Edmodo gets a new home page redesign

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March 2nd, 2010

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We just launched a new homepage which outlines the benefits & features of Edmodo. We would love to hear your comments and what you think of the new redesign.

If you click “Tour” on the homepage we now have a video tour of Edmodo which you can view below.

8 responses to “Edmodo gets a new home page redesign”

  1. My students did like it but some did say they still thought it was a bit 'facebooky'!

  2. Michel Bayon says:

    I like the new design but y miss an option to “Remember the session”. Now, I have to login every moment I want to post in Edmodo. ┬┐Is there any way to remember my user logged?

  3. raymond says:

    i cant log in!!!!

  4. Lori says:

    We can not log in….Will Edmodo be back online soon….

  5. Shelby Parker says:

    My home page is the old one without messaging to friends. How do I change that?

  6. Joris says:

    I agree with Michel Byron: I always have to do a full login (username + password) for each time that I visit Edmodo (I’m using latest Firefox). That’s very inconvenient, especially for the use-case “let I have a quick look what my students are doing”.

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