Edmodo Undergoing System Upgrade Saturday 3/20 at 9pm PST

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March 19th, 2010

Edmodo will be offline for a short period to undergo some system code and server upgrades starting at 9:00pm PST Saturday 3/20/10.

Here are some highlights that will be available after the new system upgrade:

  • Edmodo will now be fully internationalized.  We started with Spanish support.  More languages can be added very easily and quickly in the future.
  • Group names in Edmodo no longer have to be completely unique (yay!!!!)
  • Improvements to our backend search system
  • Users will now be notified of direct messages in the spotlight
  • Files tab will be deprecated in preparation for something much better!  In the meantime, if you need to access your files, simply click the link to filter by Files from the right sidebar.
  • Edmodo architecture will be more scalable and fault tolerant with the ability to add more servers to support Edmodo’s rapidly growing user base
  • Ability to add features and bug fixes at a much quicker pace

The changes to the end user will actually be fairly minimal and many may not even notice the change.  At this moment in Edmodo’s life cycle we feel this update is extremely important to to support our growing user base and allow us to add features more quickly.

With any new system there are bound to be bugs even though we have worked very hard to make the transition to the new code as smooth as possible with extensive internal testing. We ask that you submit any problems you may have to the Edmodo support group after we come back online late Saturday evening (Sunday for you east-coasters).

6 responses to “Edmodo Undergoing System Upgrade Saturday 3/20 at 9pm PST”

  1. dermaleon says:

    Edmodo doesn´t work well today.

    Notifications are not send to the students.

  2. AnthonyLandon says:

    I love edmodo, but it is now operating differently. When I try to grade all the responses for an assignment, I used to be able to easily get back to the responses. Now, I must go back home and then refind the assignment. This may seem simple, but it will require a lot of extra time in terms of navigation. After grading, could you have a button “home” and a button “assignment.”

  3. Jeff O'Hara says:

    Notifications will be turned back on this evening.

  4. Jeff O'Hara says:

    Anthony, this has been fixed, the link after your done grading should then take you back to your spotlight to grade another item instead of taking you back home.

  5. Miren says:

    We are experiencing some difficulties accessing Edmodo since your system upgrade; the site gives a “time out” error every time we try to access from our university network.

    It used to work just fine, and we are accessing everything OK from home, but even the home page is returtning “time out” at our university (in Spain). Could it have something to do with your upgrade? Is still something not completely turned back on? …or is it just us?


  6. jeff atkinson says:

    i cannot access the website,it tells me i need to download a differant system i am on internet explorer 8 already.what do i need to do?

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