Glogging just got easier with Edmodo

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October 27th, 2010

We love seeing the unique array of projects that are posted to the library. It’s exciting to see the way our educators are integrating Web2.0 products in the classroom. One of the most popular is Glogster.


If you aren’t familiar with Glogster – in short, it’s a Graphical Blog (G-log….get it?) – a place where students can create interactive posters that demonstrate their passions, interests and knowledge of the curriculum. Glogs can serve as a great assessment tool and help move students to a higher order of thinking.

So here’s the really great news — If you are using Glogster EDU in the classroom, you can easily incorporate your glog directly into your edmodo feed simply by clicking “Edmodo this Glog” at the bottom of your glog page.

We’ve heard from teachers all over the world who are using Glogster and other web 2.0 tools in the classroom – we’d love to hear from you. How are you using Glogster and Edmodo in the classroom?!

Let us know and we’ll highlight more of these tools later this week!

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  1. Tim Childers says:

    I am now out of the classroom for a bit, but we have been using Glogster with 8th grade students as a way to demonstrate their understanding of and interest in certain career choices. After researching careers and taking personality profiles, they use Glogster to add videos (many from DE Streaming), pictures, personal audio files, and more to create a Glog. They love it! When they have a few free minutes in class, they want to log in and work. And, best of all, they come to class begging the teachers to look at what they did at HOME!
    We are just now starting to look at Edmodo as a way to communicate with our students. Being able to incorporate their Glogs into Edmodo may have just made up our minds!

    • At the end of last year (7th grade), one of our teachers set us up with Edmodo and it worked out awesome. We used it a lot to share the books we were reading (it was a strategic-reading class). I just wished we had it for the whole year…

  2. Seriously, Edmodo makes we wish I were back in the classroom. I’ve long admired the functionality it affords to classroom and PLN environments, but the one-click publish your Glogster EDU creations is just awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Duncanpatti says:

    What a great way to make an awesome classroom tool even better! Edmodo is, by far, the BEST communication platform for the classroom. By incorporating the ability to “one click” your glogs directly to your Edmodo page you have made it even easier to use Glogster AND added to the usefulness of Edmodo at the same time. I WILL be sharing this tip with everyone! Thanks for posting!

  4. Dwhite2005_06 says:

    yeah, something else to get my tech classes into! wahoo!
    cyberbullying rounds up the next two weeks…hope to hear from my webinar post, soon~

  5. Carolyn Rains says:

    My 3rd-4th grade students think Edmodo is the most fabulous thing ever! They love it!
    We are going to begin Glogs soon, but they are very excited over the idea of it, and so am I.
    I love using Glogster and if I had my students more than 40 minutes each week we would be immersed in it already!

  6. Teryl Magee says:

    Edmodo and Glogster—a match made in web 2.0 heaven. I am now out of the classroom working with teachers across the nation on instructional practices in education and working with technology. Using Edmond and Glogster together is another great addition to the tips and tricks I can share with teachers. Thanks!

  7. Bessie013 says:

    i love this

  8. Lisa McQuatters says:

    I’m using Glogster and edmodo in my 5th grade class. We use edmodo a couple of different ways. I have groups set up in edmodo for my guided reading groups. Students respond to the story based on the skill we are working on or by answering a specific question. For example: when we are working on main idea and details we read a chapter in the guided book then while I work with the next group the first group goes on edmodo and writes the main idea and supporting details of the chapter we read. Since they love edmodo they are happy to do it and actually do a really good job.
    In writing, after we focus on our daily grammar lesson, we often go on edmodo and chat. The students must use correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. They had a problem in the beginning but I have seen their writing mechanics improve dramatically in the last few weeks. Much faster than any other class. Quite honestly I have them writing, using better mechanics at this point in the year, than other classes have by the end of the year. That is because they are motivated to do it correctly because they get to use edmodo.
    We use glogster for projects, vocabulary, and more. One project my students did was on the U.S. presidents. Each student picked a president and completed a glog based on the criteria I set. Then they each got up and presented their glog to the class while teaching the class about their president.
    They have also done glogs on their reading vocabulary words which they then incorporated into our class edmodo page. They usually do a Keynote presentation but for a change have done a glog while still meeting the same criteria. Each word must have a definition, sentence, and graphic for the word or concept that serves to illustrate the sentence.
    My students love both edmodo and Glogster and, as a teacher, so do I.

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