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November 9th, 2010

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Based on feedback from teachers, we’re pleased to announce new additions to the Edmodo Calendar.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Create multi-day events: Whether you need a reminder for Spirit Week or want to block off next year’s Spring Break, we’ve got you covered.  You can now enter an event that spans multiple days on the calendar by selecting “Date Range”
  • Allow students to create calendar events: Help students build organization skills – they can now create and view their own calendar events.
  • Export your calendar: Consolidate your worlds — calendar is now exportable to external calendar programs (including outlook, ical, and google calendar).
  • Filter events by groups: Juggling multiple classes and after school activities?  Filter your events by group for a more focused view.
  • Edit events: Even the best laid plans sometimes change – now you can edit previously scheduled events.

30 responses to “By Popular Demand – New Calendar Features”

  1. Alex Bellars says:

    Looks fantastic! Well done, guys, as ever!

  2. Alex Bellars says:

    well done, guys – great evolution, as ever

  3. Tim Childers says:

    I love it! I will start getting teachers into Edmodo across our district very soon now.

  4. Callamonw says:

    I like all of the improvements. A couple of more suggestions:

    Could we have the option of giving each entry a title – so that only the title shows up on the calendar and then when you click on it you see the details?

    Also – could new calendar posts show up on the main feed? Right now, I don’t know if students would remember/think to look under the calendar link. Maybe even the ability to send a reminder before the event – as an e-mail or text – to remind students of a due date. You could set it to remind them a certain number of hours or days before the event is due.

    Using and embedding a Google Calendar still works better for me. The only drawback is that I have to re-add it every couple of weeks to move it back to the top of the feed.

  5. Ron Francis says:

    While on the “everything” view, having different colours for different groups (classes) would make a nice addition!

  6. Qhs2me says:

    How do you export to google calendar? I click export and it goes to outlook and then doesn’t actually work.

  7. Jaredaross says:

    how about syncing options. I’d like to sync with my google calender

  8. buck0028 says:

    I would like to schedule reoccurring events in the calendar. (Weekly or bi-weekly). Please make this happen!!

    • BBullock says:

      I second the request for recurring events, event titles, and even the ability to add event times – basically syncing with Google Calendar would be FANTASTIC!!!

      Also, it would be great to be able to utilize hyperlinks in the calendar view! It may already be possible but I have not figured it out!

      • Andrew says:

        Please, Please, Please! Sync to Google Calendar. How about upload directly from google docs. Students could submit assignments directly from Google Docs without have to save to the harddrive.

  9. buck0028 says:

    I have to need to schedule the time in the calendar and have the events sorted by time. This would help me to use this for signing out MacBook and iPod carts to teachers.

  10. Jared says:

    How about synchronizing with google calender? That would be helpful. 

  11. Jnguyen says:

    Would love the ability to embed a Google calendar as an option. We already use Google calendar, and the duplication of having two different calendars isn’t ideal.

  12. Lteather says:

    I would for all my homework to be automatically added to the Edmodo calendar.  Not just the “assignments” … sometimes I assign homework that doesn’t need to be turned in on Edmodo – but it won’t show up on the calendar without being an “assignment”.

    • McNeal says:

      I realized when I want to add an assignment but kids can’t turn it in on edmodo (everyone turns in a paper copy) I can instead make it an ‘event’ on a calendar. Only problem – you can’t attach anything on an event. It would be nice to attach a document onto an event!

  13. les says:

    Agree with other comments, need ability to sync with google calender, not just do the export / import.

    When will this function be available???

  14. Mallory says:

    Could there be an option to sync my Google calendar to the Edmodo calendar? I already have my assignments, important dates, etc. into the Google calendar, but would like to incorporate Edmodo into my classroom. Could there be an option added in the future?

  15. Mike Macfadden says:

    Our district currently has three different options for calendar(ing). Being able to sync the edmodo calendar with a google calendar would be enough to encourage us to abandon the third and effectively have one.

    Great job so far. I hope this feature is circled, underlined, and starred on a whiteboard somewhere in your office!

  16. Raphael says:

    It would be nice if this calendar could be synched with google calendar so that it could be embedded on a web site, or even better if one could just embedd their Edmodo calendar on a site.

  17. Wendy says:

    I put a bunch on the calendar and exported it to my Microsoft Outlook calendar (and renamed it) so I could share it with other school departments. But, when I added to the Edmodo calendar and exported it again today, it creates an additional calendar on Outlook, so it didn’t overwrite it.

    Do you know how I get it to overwrite?

  18. Mitchell says:


    I do not see these features when I try to add an event.
    I am stuck with adding an event from me to me.
    Unless I am doing something wrong, it is not working for me.

    Big thing that you shoul do is add a feature to link your calender with your google calender, android device and your iphone.

    This would make life easier as you could see when projects are due from your phone instead of having to log onto the site directly.

    If possible, Please upgrade your android application.
    It really lacks alot.


  19. Greta says:

    Would be GREAT if the calendar could handle an assignment that spans across several days or weeks (date range), so at a glance the students can see it coming due. Events does this but doesn’t allow me to attach documents.

  20. I don’t need another calendar. I just want to be able to embed my google calendar on edmodo or sync my already created google calendar to edmodo.

  21. Jed Snell says:

    Our district is a Google Apps district and Google Calendar Sync would be very helpful. We don’t want to duplicate or create more steps by creating events in two calendars or creating in Edmodo, exporting and importing. We are likely to not utilize the Edmodo calendar until that feature is added. Thanks for your consideration.

  22. Andrew Baker says:

    Hi Guys,

    Exporting is great for on off.. However, it would be more convenient if it could be configured to sync automatically. Is feature likely to be added?



  23. NJGM says:

    I’m considering using Edmodo, but am looking for an update to this thread –

    Is there an option to synch Google Calendar with Edmodo / import/embed Google Calendar with Edmodo???

    This is essential as I have already been using Google Calendar for years and it has more options than the current Edmodo calendar.

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