7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.

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November 17th, 2010

Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating.  But they are pretty fun ideas:)  Following are unique ways to use Edmodo that go beyond the basic features.

  1. Science Fair Exhibition Hall: Create a “Science Fair” group and send everyone in the school the group code so they can view powerpoint, glogster, video summaries of student science projects.  A great Virtual Exhibition to showcase student work.
  2. Playground: Kids are kids and sometimes they just have something funny that they are dying to share.  Create a “Playground” group where students have free reign to post whatever they want (with guidelines for appropriate use of course — encourage expression and creativity, but reinforce the need for boundaries and appropriate behavior).
  3. In the News: Create a Current Events Group and allow students to post articles and blogs that are relevant to classroom curriculum.  Review posts at your morning meetings.
  4. 21st Century Field Trips: On your next field trip, leave the worksheets at home.  Divide students into small groups, (ensuring at least one cell phone is available in each group).  As they wander through the museum or landmark, post scavenger hunt questions on the Edmodo mobile app to which students race to respond.
  5. Lunch Count: Create a simple poll each morning – as students walk in the door, keep Edmodo open on your classroom computer and ask them to ‘check in’ on the poll on their Edmodo account.  Presto – instant lunch count, attendance, or whatever information you need to track.
  6. Data Tracking Diary: Create a Data Tracking Group and use it as a filter on your calendar.  Students can enter daily data points on the calendar (growth of classroom plants, weather charts, countdown to Spring break), then filter the calendar to show only these entries.  Print it or export to .csv and use the data for graphing or qualitative analysis.
  7. Announcements and Special Events: Celebrate milestones by creating a classroom group that highlights birthdays, college acceptance, sporting events, and other milestones in students lives.

Post your own unique ways that you’ve used Edmodo in the comments, then send an email with your contact info and shirt size* to betsy@edmodo.com and we’ll send you an Edmodo T-shirt! (*comments must be submitted by midnight EST Nov 17th)

50 responses to “7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.”

  1. 1. TV Show/Educational Material feedback in Real time. Have the students “homework” be to watch a specific show (PBS, News, Weather Channel, etc) and have them send notifications on interesting parts of the show in real time to their fellow classmates. Start class discussions while students are in the comfort of their own home and get them thinking about what their learning from the broadcast and how it can connect in school. Then talk about it in class the next day (I know sometimes some students won’t have TV’s but you could offer it as extra credit, just an idea!)
    2. Much the same way you talked about Data Tracking Diary I could see this used in Physical Education. Have students assigned a pedometer and have them enter daily step totals. Set goals for the students or groups to reach week to week (Could have pedometer costs but could work with PE teacher, or even incorporate math by having them find averages, daily overall step totals, etc.) Competition can even be set between the groups to see who can get the highest total (integrating Physical Activity in ANYTHING these days in my eyes is a great way for the mind to wake up and be ready to learn!)
    3. I know in the past teachers have talked about students being sad they can’t “Edmodo” over the summer just because really there is no need with students out. Well keep the learning going by posting a “Flat Stanley” project for the summer. (Even though it may not consist of a grade it’s a great way to keep the students learning) Towards the end of the year have students create a Flat Stanley (small paper figurine they create and decorate) and have them take it around to different places over the summer and share their experiences with other students. Have the students have a template with questions like where did you go, what did you learn, what was the most exciting part, etc. This can help students learn about different parts of the country (or world) based on their classmates travels. This allows them to stay in the loop with other students as well as facilitate learning over summer “brain breaks”. This can be done in the summer, or even over breaks!

  2. Mme R. Donovan says:

    I have my students practice French phrases on Edmodo and writing using the accents on the keyboards. I can then reply immediately to their French, give them feedback immediately, and make any corrections. All in seconds. So much easier than picking up paper, correcting, then passing back.

  3. My class uses Edmodo as a ‘safe’ Facebook. The kids like the no drama zone, and the fact that they can send a message to me or the group and get an answer about just about anything. We have used it for current events assignments, summaries but my favorite is the poll.

  4. deeya says:

    made groups to study different aspects of greek culture. students can focus one one aspect and then teach all the oether students about it. also luv it for asking different questions about assignments and hw!!!

  5. rainshadow says:

    my school uses edmodo to ask about homework help, share quizlet sets, and spread news.

  6. Shawn Dufour says:

    I am an elementary school principal using Edmodo as a tool for my school grade level Professional Learning Communities. Each group meets once every three weeks and uses Edmodo to post their minutes of the meeting and then any follow up or discussion that occurs between meetings. I also use it to post to the entire staff important documents such as blank field trip permission forms and such that all staff need access to. By posting them in Edmodo they remain in all libraries and are accessible by all staff. It has been a very useful tool for my school Professional Learning Communities.

  7. Rohan Hiatt says:

    My school uses edmodo to communicate classroom assignments and info for the whole student body. We also use it to make groups and have the students teach each other certain curriculum. 😀

  8. me!!!!!!!!!! says:

    my school uses edmodo for group projects

  9. Ron Francis says:

    I set up a “Teacher Lounge” (a comfy sounding staff room) for our school, where we can share ideas, files and links that would seem like spamming if we sent it via email to “all teachers” on staff. Much like your Playground idea for the kids, it has created a casual environment where ideas can freely flow, be discussed and easily browsed.

  10. Matt Starczak says:

    I like what you’ve made. But can it be setup so that its locked down to the specific class? In a primary school he ability for others to search out totally independant users makes it not as safe as I’d like.

    • Betsy Whalen, Edmodo says:

      Hi Matt:) Glad you like Edmodo. Actually, Edmodo has a few restrictions that were put in place with student safety in mind. Students can not search users or be searched, and we do not offer the ability for independent users to search out a student or connect with a student on the site. Teachers must provide the group code to students for them to join their class. If you have a teacher account, however, you can search out other teachers for networking and sharing ideas, which has become a highly valued feature of the site.

      Does that answer your question?

    • TEVIN says:


  11. TeamBond says:

    I am hoping to have the children upload their fluency files (audio clips of themselves reading) and have children comment on what they noticed the child doing well.
    I also have an intern teacher from Michigan State University. I am going to create a group for all the intern mentors from Southeast Michigan to share ideas, get advice, and share files.

    My third graders are still, unfortunately, developing the skill of always capitalizing and punctuating. So I take time to show the posts and go in and edit them with the class. It is a great way to do D.O.L with practical material!

  12. Ben Curran says:

    So sad that I didn’t see this until Nov. 18! I would love an edmodo t-shirt!!! 🙁

    Oh well…I will still share…my class and about 7 other classes around the country are using edmodo as an online book club…discussing the same book that we all read to our classes every day!

  13. Tracieb says:

    I am the director of the learning Center at my school. I use edmodo to help tutors connect with teachers and myself as well as the students they work with. This is a great way for everyone to stay on the same page. Now when a teacher wants a tutor to know that the student has a test or needs to share other information. It can be done without waiting. We love it!

  14. Greg Limperis says:

    I use Edmodo as a way for my students in my computer class to find their daily lesson. One of the lessons my students just did was to use Google Maps to find the driving directions from their home to Fort Wilderness Lodge. They have to go to Walt Disney World’s website and look up the lodge. They then have to find the lodge’s address and put that into the driving directions in Google Maps. They have to post in Edmodo the directions and the distance the trip is including how much time it would take to make the trip driving. They then have to post how much a 5 night stay in the lodge would be. As an extension, the students also have to upload pictures of the lodge and WDW parks. You could also have them post the ticket prices for entrance into the park.

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  17. Davey Gillian D says:

    I use Edmodo with my Gr 1/2 (7 & 8) year olds to ‘engage’ at the start of ICT in the computer lab (even though we have 6 laptops and 6 iPods in our classroom – we love going 1:1 in the lab) it’s like Facebook for kids I tell them. Then I use ‘polls’ to guage how they are feeling at school that particular day.
    T-shirt – ladies XL (18)

  18. Bpasquale says:

    When I was out helping my wife recover from surgery I was able to use Edmodo to keep in touch with what was going on in my class and send and receive student work almost without missing a beat.

  19. tft says:

    I sit next to students and we text each other instead of talking. It’s really stupid.

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  21. Jinscore says:

    I used the New Alerts section to post an oath that my students had to read to an adult and then respond to with, “I do!”. This really helped me set the tone for my expectIons of how we were going to use this awesome tool.
    Jill Inscores

  22. Dfgh says:

    I use it to organise 40 music students studying their final HSC exam. whos playing for who. [40 kids times 4 pieces] Video samples and feedback of rehearsals…. small groups as kids request, Aural exams – past papers with audio and BOS question sheet. its now my life as a senior music teacher

    • Holly Hook says:

      I would LOVE to connect with you on edmodo so I can see what you are doing!

      Holly Hook
      High School Choir Director

  23. Kvazquez says:

    Can someone please explain how to use the filter on the calendar?  I am interested in the Data Tracking Diary and am not sure how to set it up.

  24. Renee Kitchens says:

    I use Edmodo with our student interns who are assigned in various offices on two different campuses. It is much easier to disseminate assignments and announcements.

    I also use Edmodo with high school student clubs. It is the best way to communicate with busy high school students. I post minutes for those who miss club meetings. I post announcements about events. I post club agendas and monthly calendar of events.

  25. Jen Kaelin says:

    My students have a group project to work on. So I’ve created groups for each one and then I can keep track of individual groups, send private notes to specific groups, and collect status updates from them. It’s been great!!

  26. I use Edmodo to engage students in relevant discussions about the novels that we are reading, to reflect on assemblies, to turn in assignments, to collect relevant study items in their backpacks, etc. Additionally, I use it as a tool to model grammatically correct writing and sentence structure. The kids love Edmodo, but the parents especially appreciate the calendar to keep up with due dates, and that they never have to worry about a lost paper or their child leaving an item in their locker again because they can download most anything they need from home. I am beginning to explore the quiz feature, and the students enjoy the polls that I post that are always curriculum related. They are posting their own book trailers to their favorite books, and playing educational games. They cannot wait to see who has received the latest badge and for what it was earned, keeping classroom competition fierce in the best of ways! The list of useful benefits to Edmodo and the possible way in which to engage students through technology are endless!

  27. I use Edmodo to share ideas I want them to comment on. This helps me see if they are grasping the concepts I am presenting.

  28. Andy Lynch says:

    Working with Edmodo in my Introduction to Marketing course for the first time this semester at the college level because the platform works so well with assignments that students can do individually in the field.

    I create a group for each section of the course (I have three).
    The group codes are made available via our Learning Management System (Blackboard).
    Each course module has an “Edmodo Challenge” – Example: Packaging is often the last opportunity for a consumer product to persuade, inform, or remind current/prospective customers during the purchase decision process. Capture an image(s) of a product package or point -of-purchase display that grabs your attention. Describe the various elements of the packaging that interested you as a consumer and discuss why you believe these elements were effective in grabbing your attention.

    The maximum point value for this activity is 10 points. Ensure you incorporate relevant key terms and concepts related to the consumer decision process to earn maximum points.

    Students respond by a given deadline and their replies are “tagged” with the Module number (I.e. Module 1). This helps assess items to make adjustments for future courses.

    Students love the functionality of the Edmodo mobile app though they complain that their is no “magic bullet” LMS that can provide course content, security, assessment items and be integrated into their Facebook, twitter and other accounts.

    This is a constantly moving target but the positive responses far outweigh the challenges and I am excited about the potential for these new tools just released that should help migrate more emphasis in my courses to Edmodo.

    Keep up the good work!

    Andy Lynch

  29. bischof138 says:

    Hey! I am fairly fresh to this community. I have been lurking about for around a few weeks and thought i would try to join in a little. So once again, howdy everyone.

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  34. Will English (a student) says:

    How it is:
    7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.
    How I read it:
    7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.
    Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.
    Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.
    will Blow. Your. Mind.
    -twitch- -twitch-
    You don’t capitalize the last word of a sentence…

    I’m Will English and I’m out!

  35. seo says:

    Along with every little thing which appears to be building inside this specific area, your points of view happen to be somewhat radical. Nonetheless, I am sorry, because I can not subscribe to your entire theory, all be it exciting none the less. It would seem to me that your commentary are actually not totally rationalized and in actuality you are generally yourself not even completely certain of your argument. In any case I did take pleasure in reading it.

  36. Lisa says:

    I use edmodo when my students watch a video. I post several questions that they answer, but have the freedom to discuss what is going on in the movie as they watch. It has been very popular with students and they love to talk while they watch….

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  38. hunter says:

    My school uses edmodo as a grounds for students to ask questions regarding homework or other assignments and to get feedback from the teacher and other students enrolled in the class. Also, members of the class can post helpful links for studying and test prep or homework help.

  39. Natalie says:

    We are using Edmodo several ways:
    1. 4th and 5th grade used it to write biographies that would be their “profiles”.
    2. Staff is using it for collaboration. Different grade levels have their own groups to make planning easier.
    3. Our district has a group for media specialists to share ideas and information.
    This just scratches the surface. Can’t wait to find more ways to use it.

  40. Susan says:

    The lunch count was one of the first things I thought to do. Quick and easy.

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  42. Renee says:

    I have used Edmonds for students who have missed a lot of school as a source to deliver make up work or missed work. I have also used it in conjunction with teachers who tutor my students.

  43. Denisha Read says:

    I am using Edmodo to share resources with teachers. I am an Instructional Technology Mentor for my school district. I have 10 schools assigned to me and am creating groups for each of my schools. So far, I have two done this year and I post resources for those teachers. They can also ask questions for others to see since they may need the same information.
    I am also working with a Media Specialist to create a book club and hope to have her post Sunshine State Reader book quizzes that the students can take and earn badges.

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