Edmodo Tip: Ask Questions of your Teacher Connections

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November 18th, 2010

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One of the best reasons for creating a social network of teachers is to share resources and bounce ideas off of one another. By connecting with teachers on Edmodo, you can create just the kind of network you would like whether that is based upon a common subject area, geography or a shared interest in working with 4th graders. To begin creating your network of teacher connections, click on the suggested links under your spotlight or head over to our communities to check in with a built in group of educators.

Once you have found a teacher you would like to connect with by looking at their profile, click on the “Add Connection” button:

Once you have a good set of Teacher Connections, you can start asking that network important questions and posting resources for them to look at and engage with. This is a great way to get feedback on your teaching or to help troubleshoot your lessons with a group of dedicated individuals from around the world. To post a question to your connections, simply type it into your post bubble and then in the To box, type “All Connections” (without quotations) like this:

All Connections Post

And there you have it: a built in network of teachers that you have selected. You may be surprised at how many responses you get from your connections. And if you don’t get any bites, expand your network of Teacher Connections and try again. This process of finding those that share your passion for education and then engaging them in conversation is what Edmodo was created to do. See what kinds of collaborations you can come up with. And don’t forget to share with us when you do.

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