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November 30th, 2010

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So much of what goes on in the classroom is lost in the changing of classes or planning for tomorrow’s lesson. The great conversations or outstanding student work disappears as soon as those students walk out the door. When parents ask about what happened at school, they rarely get the fullness of engagement or achievement that is so apparent to us as educators. By extension, the great story of student creation and teacher ingenuity is not being told. It lives only in the hearts and minds of the teachers and students that experience it.

But, what if we could share it?

What if we could capture the best conversations, the most amazing student art, and the best resources we have created for our classrooms? What if we could share each one of these learning experiences in webpages, emails and other social networks? Would the story reveal itself to everyone who saw it? Would our classrooms become transparent and valued by all?

In a word, yes.

Here is how you can use Edmodo to publish only the best examples of what goes on in your classroom. Whenever you see something worth publishing to parents and the rest of the world, simply click the “Public” button underneath the single post, like so:

All of the content, conversation and files for this post have now been published to the public page. Even though we have done this, no student information has been shared and no one from the public web can get in contact with students. With a single click we have taken all of the work out of sharing what goes on in the classroom with none of the privacy issues. Let’s take a look at where the Public page lives.

If you hover over your group name in the left navigation, you will see that the public page link shows up in the menu:

From here, just click on the public link to see all that you have shared. From your public page you can get the direct link to any one of your conversations so that you can share them in email newsletters, on a twitter account, or just so you can bookmark incredible student engagement. Look for the “permalink” and share it as widely or as narrowly as you wish:

Teachers are sharing their assignments, conversations, and student work every day. If you would like to see a living (and ever expanding) collection of items that have been made public, you can always go to Go, get inspired and then start sharing your classroom with the world.

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