Scheduled Upgrades: Sunday 9amPT

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December 10th, 2010

We’re making some upgrades to Edmodo on Sunday — enhancements that will provide greater visibility, efficiency and flexibility for Assignments and Grading. The whole process should take just a few minutes to make sure everything is moving smoothly and ready to go for school next week, but you may notice some slight changes to the site if you are online on Sunday night.

Check the blog and on Monday morning for full details on the Assignments and Gradebook upgrades.

11 responses to “Scheduled Upgrades: Sunday 9amPT”

  1. Benten says:


  2. Mandi0615 says:

    i like that idea

  3. Tarmondrerobinson says:


  4. MrGargasHFAA says:

    The main thing I’m noticing so far is that I can’t delete submitted assignments when students erroneously upload something. Perhaps there’s a new method, but the old delete button is gone.

  5. Payton Kardys says:

    i really like this but couldn’t you upgrade or whatever you call it at like 12:00pm so i can do homework now???? thanks btw love the sit i have one recommendation i think it should show the people that are online that are in your group so you can chat with them instead of waiting to find them!! 🙂 gtg by

  6. Decegliet says:

    First of all, I love the site. It’s amazing, and I’ve been showing it to all of the teachers in the school.

    However, the upgrade seems to have erased all “comments” for the documents my students “turned in.” Instead of writing comments in the comment box, I uploaded a .docx file for each of my students.

    Since the upgrade, students are not able to see or access the .docx files, except for the students that I also provided comments for in the “comments” section.

    I’m very confused and frustrated, and looking for a solution.

    • Betsy Whalen, Edmodo says:

      I’m going to ask the Tech team to look into your issue — but they will need a bit more information from you in order to further investigate. Do you mind sending me an email with your username, the group, and assignment associated with some of the comments? You can reach me at betsy [at] edmodo [dot]com

  7. Mockimey3 says:

    Has anyone had difficulty trying to establish an account?

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