The Assignment and Grading Enhancements You Requested Are Here

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December 13th, 2010

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Based on educator feedback, over the weekend we launched enhancements to our assignments and grading features that provide greater visibility, flexibility and efficiencies for both you and your students.  New features include:

‘At a Glance” view from your Edmodo stream allows you to see immediately how many students have turned in an assignment.

Assignment Overview and Details:  The assignment overview link provides a quick review of the assignment; selecting a student name from the list will bring up individual assignment details including status, number of revisions, and attached files.  You can grade assignments directly from the Assignment detail page and students will receive immediate spotlight notification that a grade has been posted.

In addition, you can add comments about the assignment and reply to student comments directly on the Assignment detail page. When a student has submitted a new comment on an assignment, you’ll receive a Spotlight notification on your Edmodo home page.

Student Submission

Student Assignment Status, Attachments and Comments: Students can now monitor status to track whether they’ve turned in an assignment, if it’s waiting for a grade, or if a grade has been posted.  In addition, they can they can now attach resources to their assignment, comment on assignments after they have been submitted, and resubmit an assignment.

As always, thank you for the detailed feedback and suggestions for ways in which Edmodo can provide greater value to your classroom.  Please let us know what you think of the new enhancements – and keep the new suggestions coming!

38 responses to “The Assignment and Grading Enhancements You Requested Are Here”

  1. Mjohnson says:

    I like it but is there anyway you can add a time stamp to it so you know what time it is turned in?

  2. […] the feedback we’ve received via Edmodo messages, email, twitter and comments on the blog, the Assignment and Gradebook enhancements have been positively received.  However, many educators have indicated that, in addition to the […]

  3. Jeannette Barreto says:

    I am not able to see the assignments turned in by my students. I can’t see anything that needs to be graded,

  4. Ivan Lopez says:

    Great! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Jcerni says:

    Thanks for the additional assignment turn-in, feedback, scoring, re-submit, and reply features! Much appreciated.
    Looks even MORE user-friendly for students AND teachers!

  6. jojo says:

    hell yeah babe

  7. Mrs. Yakes says:

    Thank you so much for the grading and assignment enhancements! I especially appreciate the students being able to resubmit an assignment if they make a mistake when they first turn it in or if they make corrections to improve their grade. You all are awesome! Now I am waiting for the next enhancement that includes a way for Parents to have an account that lets them just see their own child’s stream, assignments and grades. Perhaps I am asking the impossible but that would make this a truly wondrous program (not that it isn’t already pretty wonderful!)

  8. Morgsush says:


  9. Ryhryj says:

    yu sukk D=

  10. Khdsfjbhjh says:

    How Many Dickks Can You Fit In Your Mouth? xD D; xD OMFG Thats Funny AF

  11. Kelly says:

    Twenty-one of my students in Washington State (for the first time) will be on Edmodo with about 27 STEM “teammates” near Chicago.

    As they are already in a group together (about 50 kids total–all typing at the same time) is a Meetup the way to go? I am nervous about the disconnect between questions and answers with so many students on at the same time.

  12. Jessie says:

    Cool! I think that it is important that teachers and students can comunicat in person though.

  13. Siennarox101 says:

    Is the assigment every thing on the top?

  14. dha best bby:) says:


  15. Gwoody says:

    My school, Williamstown Middle School, has blocked Edmodo for several reasons. My question is this: Are students at risk in any way while they are using the site without my knowledge? Why would a school opt to block this site? Students were so motivated by its use.

  16. Ginka says:

    It is really really BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. what a great article, thanks for publishing this.

  18. Juanjo Gibaja says:

    It’s great. A time stamp would be highly appreciatedd, though. Thanks!

  19. J Hoefer says:

    I still cannot delete old assignment/clear out current gradebook and start a new one. HELP!

    • Melissa says:

      That is what I was looking for when I found this page…are you able to delete assignments in the gradebook? I want to be able to have an accurate percentage for each marking period without creating a new group.

  20. Liz Steele says:

    I (an other teaches at my high school) would also like to request a time stamp!


  21. Bart Starr says:

    Many teachers on our faculty have requested a time stamp, just like the one in this blog, to be added to the posts in a group. Thanks!

  22. S Temple says:

    why am i not seeing the resubmitt assignment button on my daughter’s edmodo account? The teacher wants her to resubmit using this feature and it is not available

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