Holiday Homework: 5 Tools for launching Edmodo in January

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December 22nd, 2010

On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to wish everyone in the Edmodo family around the world a happy holiday season and our best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy New Year.   We can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!

On that note (and because I am a former teacher who absolutely believes in holiday homework;) — we’ve heard from many educators from around the world who are planning to launch Edmodo in their classroom in January.   To that end, following are 5 quick ways to get started using Edmodo in January (yes, I resisted the overwhelming urge to do a 12 Days of Edmodo post).  All of these items were created by Edmodo users and are available in the Help Center.

1.  Pique their Interest: Edmodo in the Classroom:  A Prezi pitch to Teachers, by Chris Skrzypchak:  A very straightforward and engaging presentation that answers the question of why teachers should use Edmodo in the classroom.  Very effective for overcoming concerns of your ‘non-technical’ colleagues.

2. Make it Real: Demonstrate real life uses of Edmodo in the classroom by showing these In Depth Teacher Stories videos by Dyane Smokorowski and Maria Simmons.

3. Get Your Classrooms Moving: Now that your colleagues and administrators think you are a hero and are clamoring to get started, use these Edmodo Instruction for Teachers videos to get started.  If you prefer powerpoint or other presentation styles, just select  “Edmodo is for my Classroom” on for a wealth of “quick start” resources.

4.  Explore Additional Features:  Getting set up is only the beginning — while you are recovering from your holiday food coma, spend some time exploring the “Specific Skills” and Spanish Language Content sections, including this great video by Jesus Fresno that takes a hilarious look at the recent assignment and gradebook enhancements.

5. Show the Value and Spread the Word:  If you think Edmodo is great in your school, imagine how powerful it will be when your entire district is using it!  The resources in the “Edmodo is for my School/District section will help administrators measure and monitor the positive impact of bringing Edmodo to your classroom.  Start with the Edmodo School/District guide that demonstrates the reporting and analytics features of the service, then dive deeper with Lee Kolbert’s Palm Breeze Cafe Edmodo review.

Thanks to all of our teacher contributors — have a great holiday!

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  1. Janet Ott says:

    Okay, I’m not usually a gusher about the latest and greatest, but I just found Edmodo and because it’s so very easy to use, have already invited all my classes to join, and posted three assignments. I’m excited about how much easier it seems that Moodle, and a bunch of other things that folks have tried to get me to use. Looking forward to using it more.

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