How are you using Edmodo? Educators from around the world share their ideas

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January 14th, 2011

During a recent 20 Ways to Use Edmodo webinar (Tuesdays 4pmEST), attended by educators from UK, Turkey, Australia, Canada, and a number of teachers from the US, our Online Community Manager asked educators how they were using Edmodo.   Responses came from 9 states and 5 countries and varied from using Edmodo to jot down notes for the class, to creating global classroom connections, to facilitating elaborate historical event role plays. We thought you might be inspired by some of their ideas.

Mrs. Huff – I’m sending my class links to websites that we are using in class. They are also completing an assignment. And I’m sending password and username information to students through Edmodo. (Why can’t they ever remember this stuff?) (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. Eilers – Using it to give my daily feedback comments to specific students (school related or for just positive reinforcement). (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mrs. Still – Mrs. Huff….that is a good question!! 🙂 Good way to use Edmodo….I always jot it down on a slip of paper and give it to them. But with Edmodo….it will be in their file so they can see it whenever they forget (unless they forget their info for Edmodo!!) (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mrs. Still – Today…I am sending the solutions to their test reviews as well as links to tutorial websites.
Mr. Eilers….I love that idea as well. (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. MillerWe just signed the Declaration of Independence today that was “Fedex’ed” to us by T. Jefferson in Philadelphia… Students have been collaborating with him and other founding fathers for weeks in our History Edmodo Group in talks of separation from England.
Last week, we took excerpts then rewrote in kid terms, submitting via Edmodo for his approval their draft. He accepted it and penned it all night, and the parchment arrived this morning… Buzz at lunch was “How did Mr. Miller do that?” (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. Gosselin – I just set up a co-classroom with a teacher from Spain so our ESL students can work together. (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. McAsh – Same as everyday – it informs the students of the activities for the day – grading assignments – providing links to resources – keeping me organized – etc. (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. Scheeler – Students are reviewing links that were posted through an rss feed and completing an assignment. (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mrs. KnightonAttaching documents so that students have no excuses! I haven’t set up my assignments yet for this 9 weeks. I’m loving what the above posters are doing! (Jan 12, 2011 )
Ms. Johnmeyer Stone – Just to grade – kids are off on a snow day. However, I have had a few send me notes about assignments that were due the last day we had school (Monday)… (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. Jesús Fresno – I´ve sent them a link to a video to explain grammar (by the way I´m working on that one about the use of the library in Spanish), I´ve also meet today another teacher in Edmodo to get in touch Spanish and American students…this looks promising (Jan 12, 2011 )
Mrs. Gustafson – I assigned a second grade class a link to watch a video and create a conversation between the dog and deer. They are quite excited to use Edmodo (as well as myself). (Jan 12, 2011 )
Ms. Hewes – I’m checking my rss feeds – I’m using edmodo as my reader because it’s easier for me to check just edmodo (I set up a group just for my personal rss). Just connected with a teacher from US and we’re organising to connect our classes before a group of students travel from US to OZ to meet in person. Sending myself reminders by creating notifications that I send to my own ‘personal’ group – same one as me personal rss reader. Hoping students will send me messages about their major assessment they are meant to be working on over the 6 week summer break. (Jan 12, 2011 )
Chan Hsiao-yun – My student-teachers and I are starting a new semester with Edmodo today. My plan is to use it together with my personal blog for them (for quick references and tutorials) and TweetChat. Hopefully they will be comfortable with Web 2.0 for education as teachers themselves. (Jan 12, 2011 )
Ms. McInturff – Hi, Ben! My district spelling bee participants are helping their parents set up accounts this evening. We are using our group to share information as we prepare for our big event. The students are from several different classrooms so we only have a limited amount of F2F time. Edmodo has been a great way for us to network as a team.(Jan 12, 2011 )
Mr. Cowen – I used Edmodo today for students to turn in a Glog to me. They designed board games in Excel and created Glogs to showcase their games. They also used Dropbox to house Word and Excel files.(Jan 12, 2011 )
Me – I didn’t realize I was going to get such a response. Thank you to everyone that posted. Keep the ideas coming. (Yesterday | Edit | Delete)
Mr. Pongco – mostly to reply to grade issues with my online US History students 🙂 (Yesterday )
Mr. LopezI can’t stop using it, it has turned to be a “must have” tool for all my lessons 🙂 And kids love it.
Right now sending messages to some kids and marking online work.(Yesterday )
Ms. Roberts I use Edmodo CONSTANTLY. It’s how I manage my tech classes. Students get their assignments, turn the assignments in, get their grades from Edmodo. They also ask me questions, ask their classmates questions. My classes are completely paperless! (Yesterday )
Mrs. Nechamkin – Today, I am grading online projects that students created last week to help them review for their final exam. Students used,,,,, or for their projects. It is great to sit and watch students take their tests while I grade. I can quickly enter comments on the assignment, input a grade both here and my gradebook. And, I don’t have to take any projects home!

I also put all notes, assignments, and add videos on Edmodo (including test review keys). I love that students ask each other questions on here, too. (Yesterday )
Mr. Lopez – I agree with you Ms Roberts…. I don’t have to worry about photocopies anymore :) (10 hours ago )
Mrs. Woods – We have been using it in 8th grade for writing vocabulary sentences and having conversations about them. Best use of student written vocabulary sentences I have had in years. The complexity of their sentences have improved (no more “I have morose.” type sentences), they are using the words in context and they are peer correcting. It has been fun reading their conversations and I expect top grades on this week’s test. (7 hours ago )

Share with us in the comments below:  How are you using Edmodo?

31 responses to “How are you using Edmodo? Educators from around the world share their ideas”

  1. Lbe36s says:

    I teach in Delaware and use it to communicate with our pen pals in California.We write to each other using pen and paper, but we also have a group we call Pen Pals on Edmodo.Our students post pics and little notes to each other in-between their letter-writing. Aa a matter of fact, I met the teacher in California when I posted in the LA community that I was looking for a 5th grade class to be pen pals with.

    • Joan Burton says:

      How did you find that teacher in California to set up the edmodo pen pal program? I would love to do this with teachers outside of the US.

      Thank you


      • Daniel Kunkel says:


        I teach grade 7 & 8 English in Thailand. My wife teaches grades 4-6. What age level do you teach? I’m very new to Edmodo and still learning everything I can do and how to do it, but I’d be interested in creating a pen pal network with students from around the world.


  2. R Petitto says:

    Allowing my students the opportunity (and by “allowing” I mean “forcing”) to speak Spanish outside of the classroom is invaluable. I use the Web2.0 program Vocaroo to have students record prompts and then embed the recording in a note to their edmodo groups. Students then write a response to the prompt. Or I might create an assignment with a vocaroo recording and students have to turn in the assignment with their own vocaroo recording. I’d love it if one day edmodo allows students to reply to notes, etc with html.

  3. Michelet says:

    I use it as a communication system for my student council (elementary school). I also have a chat area for them to be goofy with each other on the weekends. I have two book clubs that talk about the book when we aren’t together and my next goal is to do a story with holes. In the past my Kindergarten teacher has used it second semester as part of a center.

  4. Jennifer Bond says:

    I love that I can post a video and then have kids write comments about the video. We are studying economics right now in my third grade class, so I posted a video about a cherry farmer and the kids had to write the natural, human, and capital resources they spotted while watching the video. Also…my kids LOVED posting their pizza commericals on edmodo, and it was so great to have them all in one spot! Another thing that is happening in my class, is kids are doing peer editing, as I have made it a point to have students go back and make sure they have the proper punctuation, capitalization, and grade appropriate spelling. I can’t wait to see what else edmodo will bring for the rest of the year!

  5. Nerickson says:

    I am using it for multiple things. I am using it as an efficient way to keep track of their grades. That saves me the head ache because it is online, and now that there are the parent codes, they will be able to take the time to see what their child is getting in class every step of the way. I am also using it for absentees. I have a few students who are very rarely in class. I have given their parents all of the textbooks and workbooks necessary and told them how to get on. That way at least they will be able to complete their work even if they are not there. I post assignments, handouts, videos we watched in class if I have a file version, etc…… It is great. Only really started using it this term, but for the few weeks I have been using it, I have no real complaints other than my students don’t have computers with them all the time or else it would be online computer classes all the time with me.My school needs a laptop innitiative badly.

    • Linda Silver says:

      How do you set up the parent access codes to make each child’s grade private? I’m a tech teacher and see 12 (3-5) grade classes each week. How could I open Edmodo up for parents to see their child’s grades?

  6. Karel Biggs says:

    I live in Tennessee and we are having a lot of snow days this year. I just started using it (yesterday, believe it or not) to give my kids an assignment they can do while we’re off school due to the weather. So far, so good! It’s a good way to keep learning even if we can’t get to our building due to bad weather.

  7. Lmims says:

    Every week, my students get a list of reading assignments that need to be completed. Boring! Edmodo has allowed me to “spice it up!” Now, I post their assignments on Edmodo. They create powerpoints, use Notebook software, watch videos on UnitedStreaming, etc…All simply done because it is posted on Edmodo. One of my students even suggested that I put our Daily Language Practice on Edmodo to save paper. So Edmodo is environmentally sound as well.:)

    • Aliya says:

      I just been assigned to seventh and eighth grade reading. I am also new to Edmodo, can you please give me an exams of your weekly reading assignments? I’m very excited to spice this up 😉

  8. Mr Burke says:

    I use it to post assignments & have students submit here as well – that way, I have a “backup” of their major portfolio if anything should happen to their flash drive.
    I also use it as a file store for important documents. I’ve posted the course syllabus to the class as well as important updates that just came from the Board of Studies.
    By posting assignments, I don’t waste paper anymore. Students can’t lose their copy, & I can give them reminders.
    If I find interesting subject related websites, simply post a link…sure beats writing it up on the board.
    The best thing has been the students who have posted questions or “drafts” from home for me to check before the next class. I’ve found some students are now more motivated because they can get extra assistance.

  9. Mrs McDonald says:

    Sending suggestions and links to individual students and the group as they prepare to submit a music composition on Monday. Answered one kid who sent a question asking me to clarify and remind him of what we’d done yesterday. Loving it! Now, to get more of them to check in more often …

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  11. Dsabolik says:

    I have been looking for a safe way for my class to blog. This is an excellent site with so many creative ideas.

  12. Lineblood123 says:

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    • Marson says:

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  13. Mrs. K. says:

    I teach 8th grade science…I’m interested in using edmodo…any suggestions for me on how to incorporate this into my class??

  14. Liza says:

    Any second grade teachers using this? And if so, how?

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  16. Marisol says:

    I teach Spanish. At the begining of the year I told my students to adopt “famous people’s names and personalities”. Every week or so, I give them a task they have to write about as if they were their characters. Examples of tasks are:
    Write a message as if you were writing for a dating site.
    Write talking about your previous year and your plans for the next one

  17. Great work! That is the kind of info that are meant to be shared across the net. Disgrace on the seek engines for no longer positioning this put up higher! Come on over and seek advice from my website . Thanks =)

  18. melody says:

    What is the kids password for edmodo like i need it cus i lost my account and i need a new 1!!!

  19. Mary Serra says:

    Can you help me to delete some messages together? (Not one by one)
    Thank you very much.

  20. cpoyatos says:

    Today is my third day with Edmodo, this app is fantastic ;-). I’ll try to make my virtual classroom with this platform.

  21. KinanaU says:

    Hi every one
    This is the first time to use edmodo I’m trying to share the group

  22. hola soy de Guatemala, amatitlàn y ya estoy usando edmodo con mis estudiantes es una herramienta muy buena, fácil de usar, profesional y te ahorra tiempo y se ahorra desperdicio de papel.

  23. Ritu tiwari says:

    Hello every one
    I am teaching chemistry and want to learn how to use EDMODO to make my classroom teaching effective.After reading the posts i learned that what all i can do with EDMODO, how useful it is .I am interested in learning the use of EDMODO in the classrooms plz. suggest and help how to start with it

  24. Heriberto says:

    Entro a compartir esta nueva experiencia para mi. Espero encontrar un mundo de amigos y aprender de sus experiencias. Gracias a edmodo.

  25. john nimade says:

    i was introduced to edmodo this year by my ict lecturer, Dr Harry Barton Essel – KNUST, Ghana, wheni started my mphil programme. it has been a wonderful experience for me and my course mates. i am even working on an assignment to find out more about edmodo and other web 2.0 apps.

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