Meet Nic & Jeff – the Founders of Edmodo

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January 19th, 2011

Educators ask us all the time about the origins of Edmodo.   We thought you might like to hear from the founder’s themselves.

5 responses to “Meet Nic & Jeff – the Founders of Edmodo”

  1. Susan Martin says:

    Great to see success from listening to a need and making it happen, way to go guys.

  2. The evolution of Edmodo has been amazing. Great job guys.

  3. Sheryl Hartman says:

    I am director of a non-profit that goes to elementary schools in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois to present Native Woodland Historical Assembly programs. Can I sign up with your site and connect our organization with school teachers?

  4. Cara Moore says:

    Thank you so much for creating this interface! My students and I LOVE it!

  5. Keith Newvine says:

    Why is it called Edmodo? Is there a story behind it or does it stand for something or is it a combination of words. Random question…just wondering.

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