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January 26th, 2011

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So you have a huge amount of files, links, videos, and resources collected in your Edmodo library. You have been collecting them from your class groups and from your connections. You have created folders and shared them with your students and your colleagues. You have even shared some of your amazing resources in the Edmodo content area communities.

But, you want to search through your library like you search through Google. You want to search by filetype and you want to search by individual user who shared a resource with you. Or, maybe you are just looking for those amazing videos that were embedded in your everything stream. Well, you can with just a few simple searches.

If you click on your library link at the top of your Edmodo homepage, you will see a search box in the top right corner. Here are the search terms that will get you to all of those rich resources you are looking for:

  • Search by filetype: Use “.doc” or “.ppt” to search for those types of documents. It will event pick up .docx or .pptx files that have been uploaded.
  • Search by user: Simply type the first or last name of the user into the search box and it will pull up all of the resources from that person.
  • Search for embedded resources: Use “embed”. This will pull in anything that has the word embed in the link, and that will be all of your best video resources.
  • Search for Google Documents: Use “docs.google.com”. This will bring up any Google document shared with you in Edmodo, whether that is a presentation, spreadsheet or word processing document.

This last tip works for other sites like Glogster and Pixton as well. Simply type in any web address that would be in a link shared with you and you will be able to find it easily in your library.

Let us know in the comments if you come up with any interesting ways of searching your library. Happy Searching!

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