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February 17th, 2011

Late last night, we made some enhancements to Edmodo that will help you more effectively share, store and search for digital content relevant to your curriculum.

One of the key features in the release is The Backpack.

Located in the Student Library, the Backpack is a storage area that allows students to easily save content and materials they are working on at school so that it is readily accessible at home.  By providing a separate space to store content they need immediately, they can locate what they need when they need it, without sifting through all of their files and folders.

Library Enhancements:  Over the coming months, we’ll be making ongoing enhancements to the Library; changes that will be focused on providing more efficiency and personalized access to the content most relevant to you.   The first of these updates include enhancements to your library files to provide greater segmentation between the files you share with others and those that are sent to you in posts.

The second library enhancement provides greater insight into how content is shared. A number next to each content item indicates the frequency with which educators and students are engaging with content; the higher the number, the more popular the resource is with your peers.  Our goal with the Library Score is to provide new ways for you to quickly identify the content that other educators find most useful in the classroom.

In addition, we made some minor backend changes won’t change your user experience, but will enhance our ability to continue to enhance the site in coming months. Thanks for your patience as we worked through these updates —  as always, we welcome your feedback:)

19 responses to “Enhancing Content Management”

  1. Cgriesemer says:

    You are all amazing. Please don’t woo us and then charge us $150 a year when you are the education standard. I can’t imagine running my classes without Edmodo now.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by pmacoun, Andy McKiel, Thomas Scheeler, Edmodo, Phillippa Cleaves and others. Phillippa Cleaves said: Looks good 🙂 RT @amckiel: Cool – Edmodo just released 'The Backpack' – makes it easier 4 kids 2 access their work http://bit.ly/e1slyu #yam […]

  3. eshow says:

    Did one of these changes cause me to not be able to enlarge thumbnail photos? That’s causing me some trouble.

  4. mfury says:

    having problems removing items from the library, and also when i click on image thumbnails, they do not load the full image.

    • mfury says:

      never mind about the delete side, i found it. but i still can’t enlarge image files attached to posts by clicking on them.

  5. Sers1970 says:

    What’s the storage limit per student?

  6. Tcwalley says:

    Wonderful. I am amazed with your site. I use it with my 4th graders and my district has been impressed with how I use it in my students’ writing workshop. I would also like to request that you create a way to make a database in the library. I know you have “tags” but what about a way to have a customizable database so that teachers can add resources and other teachers could filter their search by grade-level, content type, month, standard at once. By making it able to be customized by the teacher, the ways to organize information would be amazing.

  7. Sheryl says:

    I am so excited! And so are my students. I really don’t know how they left the building and logged on so fast yesterday.
    A Wish:
    I wish I could have an after school chat group (because this is what the students are so excited about), and I wish I could set it up so that the students have to do a few educational tasks to “unlock” chatting/commenting feature.
    Also, something along the line of tabs to further organize groups.
    Reading group-> tabs (writing, listening, speaking, comprehension, fluency, etc.)
    Keep up the good work! I am so glad for this site!

  8. Whitep says:

    I like the backpack idea. Would there be a way to setup where if the student does not have powerpoint or excel on their computer at home they can still work on the project from home?

    • Todd says:

      To view powerpoint, excel or word files students can download Open office instead for free and this will enable them to edit these files.

  9. Ruth Gadson says:

    If it is not too much trouble can Edomodo eventually provide color and bolding options? What I mean is when I post a message for my class there are things I’d like emphasize in another color or in bold. But I LOVE Edmodo and so do my students! Thanks!

  10. Dan Locascio says:

    Is it possible for a teacher to drop things in students “backpacks” on EDMODO.

  11. Rmcgill says:

    Can you see your students files in their backpack?

  12. Angus says:

    I’m a year 11 student using Edmodo. I think it is great but it would be even better if I could use the library as a drop box for my work. It would help me greatly if you add features including; being able to make a folder with a folder (example I have a chemistry fold and with in that i have many documents, it would be great if I could have Module folders with in my chemisrty folder. this would make it alot easier to find my documents )
    Also if I was able to upload multiple files at the same time it would make it alot easier to start using the Library.
    I have also hear that on other drop boxes you can set them so everytime you save your work it automatically saves to the drop box. I don’t know exactly how this works, but as loosing work in year 11 and 12 is so scary this would be great.

    Thanks for your time.
    Cheers Angus

  13. V.Mitchell says:

    Can a teacher access a student’s backpack?

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