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March 23rd, 2011

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We are blown away by the overwhelming response we’ve received to our Featured Blogger post — thanks so much for your eagerness to take on even more responsibility after your day is over!  A few people have emailed requesting further clarification on how to submit an entry — in the interest of fairness, I’m posting my response below so that everyone has the details.

Frankly, we didn’t put tons of guidelines around things – we feel strongly that Edmodo has always been driven by the input of our Teachers, so we want to find more ways to give you a voice and encourage discussion (and sometimes debate!) that will positively impact education.  We would like the Featured Bloggers to have a point of view, to create a sense of community amongst your peers, and to maybe share some new perspectives that others may not have considered.  We don’t expect all of the blog posts to be groundbreaking “Aha!” moments of visionary-genius — in fact, sometimes the most profound posts come from being honest and sharing the things you are doing every day, no matter how mundane they may seem to you;) But honestly, as far as guidelines go, I’d just say:
1.  Don’t be scared to brag.
2.  Don’t be scared to stir up debate.
3.  Be solution oriented.

There. . . I just made up some rules;)

Come up with a “Theme” that you think you can write about once a week (and that you think others will be interested in reading about once a week) — and let us know what it is. That’s all you have to do!

Submit your applications to me via Edmodo (Betsy Whalen) or at by April 1 to be considered for selection.  Your commitment will be once a week from April 10th or so until the end of June at the ISTE conference, where the full Featured Blogger team will blog from the conference to share their experiences with everyone!

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  1. Nikki says:

    My school has just employed edmodo; in the past, our teachers have used moodle, iweb, google web pages, etc. We are transitioning to a “bring your own device” campus, and next year we will have 20 teachers committed to wireless and paperless. My job is to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Since I was given the opportunity to play with edmodo about a month ago, I cannot stop! I find myself perusing the ins ad outs of edmodo all of the time. My commitment as a blogger would focus on English, which I teach, as well as helping my fellow teachers use edmodo in other academic areas. Blogging would benefit my staff and other staffs employing this amazing tool. I have been floored by the enthusiasm of my students and fellow teachers in the past weeks. My students love the ease of the tool – they are giddy when they receive mobile update notifications. It is helping them be better students. As for my fellow teachers, I am part of a very diverse faculty. Nonetheless, they are all trying very hard to catch up to the times – and edmodo has been an easy tool to share and use. I think this is a relationship made in heaven.

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