4 Easy Ways to Connect with Parents on Edmodo

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March 29th, 2011

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Creating a strong school-home connection is critical — even moreso with the blended learning environment Edmodo enables.  But teachers often struggle to find meaningful ways to engage parents in their child’s classroom activities.  Here are a few easy ways to get parents involved:

1.  Create Parent Accounts: Invite parents to join your class on Edmodo to view their child’s activities.   Parent Accounts provide parents with the ability to view their child’s activities, assignments and events, and communicated directly with their teacher and their child.   To access Parent Account Codes for each student:

  • Hover your cursor over your Class group until the menu appears.
  • Select Members to open your class.
  • Select the Parent Code icon next to the student account to view the parent code for each of your students.(image of an adult holding a child’s hand, see below).

2. Weekly Parent Newsletter: Send a message to students and parents in your class each week to keep them updated on all of the events and achievements of your class.  To send a message directly to parents, simply type the class name in the Send To box and select the Parents group (e.g. “Social Studies (Parents) in the image below)

3. Communicate directly with Parents and and Tutors:  Consider sharing parent code with tutors or afterschool program teachers to create a seamless dialogue between Teachers and Tutors.

4.  Extend the Calendar: In addition to posting homework as assignments, consider posting Key Milestones, Classroom Events, and activities as Assignments so they appear on the Calendar.  Parents will appreciate receiving updates on Report Card delivery, Class Field Trips, and other key dates they may want to work into their schedule.

Have you started using parent codes yet?  If not, consider rolling them out today — further details and tips for getting started using Parent Accounts can be found in the User Guide.

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  1. Rena Kilgore says:

    What is the “direct” button for on the calendar?

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