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May 17th, 2011

We are working quickly to resolve the issues on the site.   A couple of things you may see:

1.  Site going up and down.  We are working to identify the root cause — you may see a bit of wonkiness while we resolve the issue.

2.  Library Access:  The library is currently unavailable — it will be turned back on later this morning.  Fear not, however, your content is safe.

We absolutely are aware of the inconvenience this is causing many of you in class today – please accept our deepest apologies and know we are working as fast as humanly possible to get things sorted out.

In the meantime, feel free to post your questions and feedback here, or if you prefer, direct them to me at

24 responses to “Site Issues”

  1. Sierraweber says:

    Mhnn I find this very inconvinient! Espically since I have 6 assignments to do and now I can’t get on Edmodo and post them, I hope this issue is resolved soon, I really need to get going if I wanna pass this class! 

  2. Teacher says:

     This is still the best site!  Hope you guys can get it fixed and working soon.  My students love it!  

  3. Simranshr says:

     hey!what about the deadlines? today is the deadline and now we cannot post our assignments. is the due date going to extended??!!

  4. Simranshr says:

     hey!! what about the deadlines? we have to submit our assignments and now we are not being able to do so because of this upgrading or what so ever. will the due dates be extended???!!!!

  5. Helen Fincham says:

    Agreed. I find this is very inconvenient considering i have an english GCSE tomorrow and i have no clue what exam it is and i needed to speak to my teacher. how else am i meant to find this out in the next few hours to be able to revise!!!!?

  6. concerned teacher says:

    My grades are stored on Edmodo and my backup isn’t totally up to date. Will all the data/grades be okay?

  7. An Instructor says:

    You should not be penalized for not being able to access your course content.  Any reasonable educator should take this downtime into consideration and grant you an extra day in lieu of Edmodo’s upgrading.  If your instructor is unaware of the downtime, you should send them a link to this thread so they can see for themselves if there are any doubts. 

  8. Brenda The Ninja says:

    -_____- G R E A T 

  9. Sydney_rasmuson says:

    When will it be back online,I have a unit test tomorrow and I need my notes

  10. Anaiz Is A Beast says:

    Not evennn… 

  11. Anonymous says:

     We`ll have patience. Nothing works always OK, and surely you’ll do the best to keep us happy with Edmodo.


  12. Misscook says:

     Hi – I dont think it is related but a couple of my children cannot log on at home, or get edmodo at all.  They can do so at school and have also tried to do so by clicking on the link on my class blog.  Do you know of any reasons why their computer set ups may be preventing the site from opening?  

  13. Dawndoll31 says:

    Is the Library still not working?

  14. annie says:

    i cant seem to log into edmodo?! when i still know my username and password>.<

  15. Anonymous says:

    Edmodo keeps logging me out automatically!

  16. Mandarin123(student) says:

    i’m trying to log in to edmodo on the computer and i know its the right info, and it just goes back to the login screen. it doesn’t login at all. it just refreshes the page.
    Is there any way I can fix this?

  17. Alexander says:

    My edmodo account was deleated for no reason and I cant get it back.

  18. justise wattree says:

    Edmodo keeps on logging me out when I login !!!! Need it to stop asap!!!

  19. Jesse James says:

    Aloha, I have some issues logging in with edmodo on MY computer. When I use edmodo on my school computers or my phone, it works. But every time I try and use edmodo on my Windows computer, it logs in then logs out Right away. Please let me know if I could fix this or not. Thank you!

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