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May 18th, 2011

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Wednesdays with Brett!


It’s Wednesday again, so here goes…

Edmodian of the Week: Ms. Hartwig!

Mrs. Hartwig stands out as an advocate for her students and their needs as modern students. She has a keen awareness of the demands that our youth will face as professional adults and ensures that her teaching aligns itself as such. In fact, what caught first caught my attention about her was a post she made seeking assistance with her grant for student ipads for the coming year, an amazing tool but one that requires innovative thinking and intentionality to adequately utilize-we are all rooting for you in this pursuit, Ms. Hartwig! She also has her students connected through an amazing wiki (BTW, did I mention she teaches STEM –Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? Proof positive that English teachers are not the only ones who can collaborate with social networking:)) Check out the link below:


She has also served as a STEM Fellow for 2 years, the last as  an instructor at Siemens and Discovery Education’s recent institute. She was given this amazing privilege based on her incredible integration of technology in her classroom. Here is the link to her webinar:

Some closing comments from Ms. Hartwig about what she does as an educator:

“I have realized the world we live and work in has become driven by technology; our ability to communicate and problem solve on a global level has become imperative.   By expecting my students to apply their social technology knowledge and interests, expanding their ability to analyze, explain, and apply our algebraic foundations to scientific applications, I am preparing them for the 21st century workplace.   When students must produce and publish their work on a public wiki, their personal expectations rise and students pursue quality results.  If we expect our students to compete on a global scale as adults, they must be given the opportunity to experience this throughout their education.”

Thank you Ms. Hartwig for your innovations in education and for being the advocate our students need so they can have the future they deserve!

Newbie Tip of the Week: Relax!

You have a lot on your plate right now-the year is wrapping up which means plenty of paperwork and other loose-ends to tie. Worry about that.

(And yes, I know I mixed black shoes and brown socks-stop over analyzing 🙂 )


See y’all next week 🙂



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