Web 2.0: Edmodians of the Week – Creating an Edmodo RSS feed

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June 1st, 2011

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Web 2.0 with Bret!


Unfortunately, I do not have a single “Edmodian of the Week” today. It’s not that there aren’t people to choose from, the problem is that there are too many of you doing too many amazing things to pick just one to end the year. So what I wanted to do today is to say thank you, sincerely, to the Edmodo community for everything you do for each other. In all my workshops and classes, I have never been more benefited professionally than by the contributions of my fellow Edmodians. You are giving, selfless people and you have my utmost respect for what you do. Even though I don’t have one person to spotlight, I do have some pretty good post links to demonstrate what I’m talking about here. I posted these questions yesterday and in about an afternoon, this is the feedback I received–this is a great place. See for yourselves:

From Team Language Arts!

From Team Math!

From Team Science!

From Team Social Studies!

From Team World Languages!

From Team Computer Science!

You all are amazing educators. I can’t wait to see what you will be up to next year.

Tool High-Light of the Week: Edmodo (?)

In keeping with the “End of the Year” theme, I thought that I would provide a tip more on the side of reflection and learning than on classroom implementation. I have recently begun the practice of subscribing all the feeds of my professional contacts’ blogs into my own personal group in Edmodo and for you I recommend the same. Here’s the thing-many of us have rather large PLN’s with people who have blogs and websites with really great content to share–which is good, but quite difficult to keep up with. But, if you use Edmodo, you can make a group just for yourself (I call mine “Professional Feeds” -catchy, ain’t it?) and subscribe all those blogs to this one place for easy management. The great thing is, you only receive a post in here when someone actually updates so it can be a huge time saver for you and allow you to benefit from your colleagues more easily. Yes, I am just as revved as the next exhausted teacher about the upcoming summer, and for a while, I’m pretty sure I will mentally check out of edu-mode (maybe), but I feel like it’s my duty to stay fresh while I’m off. This is an easy, and enjoyable way to do that. It’s like talking to friends who happen to do the same thing you do, and it’s organized which is always a plus for this type-A fool. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry-I have pictures!

First, go to a blog you want to keep up with. What you’re going to want to find is this little guy

It will take you to the feed address, which looks like this

Copy and paste the link and head back to the group you created in Edmodo. On the right side of the screen you will see a button that says “Subscribe this Group to Feed”-click on it. When you are in, click on the option at the top that says “Add a Feed”

Paste the link…

And you are now subscribed! Enjoy your new, personalized PD!

That’s it for this Wednesday. It’s been an honor, truly. If you are about to have a summer break, enjoy it and be fully present in your relaxation. If you aren’t, well I don’t know what to say….hope you have a break soon 🙂

7 responses to “Web 2.0: Edmodians of the Week – Creating an Edmodo RSS feed”

  1. Mr. Hmlin says:

    Nice.  Thanks for posting this tutorial.  I use Google Reader, but I can now switch over to using Edmodo for professional and PLN feeds and keep my Boston Bruins’ and Red Sox feeds aside for personal reading on my own time.  

    • Bruins and Red Sox ‘eh? I’ve inherited my fan-ship of both from a very strong Massachussettes family-Better keep those with your professional stuff 🙂

  2. Liz Castillo says:

    Great post!  I think there are many people who will use your advice on the professional feeds in Edmodo.  I know I will!

  3. Hscott says:

    This is the best idea– I thought I had considered every possible use for Edmodo (or tried to at least) but I hadn’t thought of flipping it as an RSS feeder for myself in this way/ AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Calonso says:

    thank you for the idea

  5. The color of your blog is quite great. i would love to have those colors too on my blog.

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