You Don’t Want to Miss These Three AMAZING Edmodo Resources

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June 14th, 2011

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Voice of the Library with Shannon


Sometimes I am amazed at how many new resources come to us over the week through our social networks, connections and other resources. Now, more than ever, we can learn each and every day through these different avenues and bring amazing ideas and resources back to our students, other teachers, the school community and to the world.

Over the last few days, three awesome Edmodo resources have come to me.

These are resources that you will not want to miss!

The first one is the iPad app Edmodo has created (there is an iPhone app too).

I have only had my iPad 2 for a few weeks. Since school got out last week I have been able to finally spend some time researching the best apps, organization and use for my iPad. I was so excited to find the Edmodo app.

It is just so convenient to be able to click on the blue “e” in my “Personal Networks” folder and receive updates, read students comments and share feedback directly from my iPad. I can’t wait to add the Edmodo app to our new iPads and iPods at school. The students will find this very useful in the library and classrooms.

The second one is the Google Doc that I created for my Edmodo post last week entitled Ideas For Using Edmodo….Lets Create a List Together. We all have so many wonderful ideas for using Edmodo so I thought we should share them.

I created a Google Doc entitled “Ideas for Using Edmodo”.  You can click on the link and add to the Google Doc too.

There are already 67 incredible ideas, so lets keep this going. At the end of the summer, I will share this with everyone and we can continue to refer back to it throughout the year. I have already highlighted so many of these ideas for next year and have emailed several to different teachers at Van Meter.

THANK YOU so much everyone for sharing on the list.

And the third came to me through a tweet from my new friend and fellow Edmodo blogger Bianca Hewes (@BiancaH80).

She tweeted that the Google Doc of Edmodo ideas would be perfect for the Edmodo Teacher Hub. This is a great new wiki that Bianca and Nordin Zuber created a few months ago.

It is described as,

“Edmodo Teacher Hub is a wikispace created by Bianca Hewes and Nordin Zuber to provide a working repository of ideas, experiences and resources working with Edmodo. We work at two different NSW (Australia) Department of Education & Community secondary schools so the initial articles and contributions will probably reflect this context, however given Edmodo’s international reach, it is likely this wiki will go beyond our school system and locality. This space is open to all contributors – create a wikispace account and apply to join the wiki – everyone is welcome.”

I was so excited that Bianca told me about this amazing resource and have spent some investigating the information and ideas contained on it. This will be one site that we all want to follow as it grows into a valuable resource for all of us.

So once again my charge to you is this….

Let’s keep sharing our ideas, the projects that we have done and the connections we have made using Edmodo.

Let’s make a difference!

Shannon McClintock Miller is the district teacher librarian and technology specialist at Van Meter School in Iowa. You can find her on Twitter at @shannonmmiller and blogging at Van Meter Library Voice



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  1. Great post! I’ve taken a look at your Google Doc ‘Ideas for using Edmodo…’ and I found it very inspiring as well. Thanks for sharing!

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