A Bright Idea for Staying Connected over the Summer

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June 15th, 2011

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The penultimate post on Web 2.0 from Bret!


I can’t believe next week will be our last week to post-time flies when you’re having fun and this has been a blast. Thanks to those of you who’ve kept up with my rambling the past weeks, I appreciate the attention, however undeserved it may be. Today though, I want y’all to hear from someone else as I have re-instituted the…

Edmodian of the Week: Mrs. Amy Bright!

I came across a reply by Mrs. Bright in response to one of my posts in the communities and was amazed by what she was doing with Edmodo this summer. We are always presented with the problem of keeping up student learning during the summer months and Mrs. Bright is right on top of that with Edmodo. For those of you who still have a few days left, read Mrs. Bright’s explanation of what she’s done and see if you can’t do something similar.

My 5th grade students’ summer use of Edmodo started with a question. “Mrs. Bright, will we still be able to use Edmodo after the last day of school?” It didn’t take me long to realize that it could be done! I simply created a new Group for my class. Immediately my students were excited and left their first notes for each other on the new Group.

My class will be going to two different middle schools and four students are moving out of state. Edmodo has kept my students connected. There is constant chatter on the new group between the students. They are sharing stories of summer fun and family visits, and staying in contact with a student who has already moved to another state. We all feel like we were a part of this student’s move because he left us posts on Edmodo during his three day move across country. I personally know how it feels to leave your friends because of a family move, so I am grateful that my students have the ability to stay connected with each other during a tough situation such as moving. As my students are too young for Facebook, Edmodo offers them a social networking environment that is safe and convenient. I am anticipating many videos posted of summer fun, and can’t wait to discover more ways that Edmodo will keep my students connected!

Thank you Mrs. Bright for showing us more ways that we can pioneer education with Edmodo. Keep us updated on how your Edmodo-summer turns out with your students!

Since I’ve headed back to one routine, why not go for two? That being said here is the…

Tool High-Light of the Week: linoit.com

We are teachers which means we all love sticky-notes-so why not have them online in a fully collaborative website to do your planning with this summer? If that sounds appealing then you should definitely check out linoit.com. There are similar websites to linoit but few give you the freedom you find here as you have an infinite workspace where you can put your stickies, pictures, files and videos in any location you want. This is great when you have an idea and want to add it quickly without crunching out a big spreadsheet or word document. It’s also really cool to see your idea develop since you have the ability to add media directly to your canvas. I like this because I can put the link of my canvas into my “Professional Feeds” group in Edmodo and when I read about great ideas from my PLN, I can instantly add them to my list-no sweat! Like I said before, this is also a collaborative webiste, so you can share your canvas with others and let them contribute as well. To demonstrate, here is the link for a canvas I created called “Edmodo This Year.” If you have a second, add a sticky and try it out!

Any time I find something that lets me (or my students) work with others, I’m a happy camper. In this case, set up a tent, folks, we’re at the KOA of internet resources!

Well….I got nothin’ else. Next week will be my last post [ tear 🙁  ] so I will check in with y’all then.  Hasta luego!


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  1. Lisa M says:

    Thank you Mrrs.Bright! My students asked the same question, and I told them I would leave it up until summer. However, I love your idea of creating a group just for them! I will create that group right now! Thanks again!

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