My final thoughts on Web 2.0? Use them…a lot.

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June 22nd, 2011

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Closing thoughts from Bret Gosselin


Here is to the last post of a most honored and undeserved stint as a guest blogger for Edmodo.  (Note from Edmodo:  WELL deserved!!)

Truthfully, this has been such a humbling experience as I’ve wondered the whole time if Edmodo picked the right guy for the job. Anything I know is only because of the incredible people who make Edmodo the respectable community that we all know it to be. I remember before I stumbled upon Edmodo being at a staff development where a guest speaker presented us with the challenge to reach today’s students with relevance, insight and technology. At the time, I had no earthly idea how to do that-no one ever taught that. This is what I find myself indebted to Edmodo for, for teaching me how to be a good teacher, the kind of teacher I wanted to be; for filling in the gaps of my professional up-bringing and preparing me to be a 21st century teacher.

My final thoughts on the topic of Web 2.0? Use them…a lot. I’ve come to realize that making learning web based is not “cool” but necessary. Surprisingly, there seem to be a great number of detractors of this practice and I’m not sure why. Since I have ‘upgraded’ my teaching, my students have never been more engaged nor thought more deeply or independently or, heck, just liked what they were doing in class. To those of you who have selflessly shared your experiences with this, your resources and best practices, you are great educators and embody what a learning community is supposed to be. My aim is to continue in your footsteps and pass on the knowledge I acquire in the same way.

To the people behind Edmodo, thank you for giving us this-there truly is nothing like it. You saw the need we had as educators and you met it beyond our expectations. Sometimes when I find myself crunching along through my classes or sharing within the communities I am suddenly struck by how complete and even tailored Edmodo is to everything I could ever want in such a site. Please know that what you have provided is not taken for granted and that I am grateful for the change that all these resources have made in my students education.

And lastly, thank you for giving us all a PLN that is safe, focused and reliable. When I wander into an Edmodo community, I know that everything there is 100% focused on bettering our classrooms, evidence of the site’s integrity and loyalty to its members. Along those lines, I also feel I need to share my gratitude in being introduced to four amazing such members: Liz Castillo, Andy McKiel, Bianca Hewes, and Shannon Miller. When I discovered that I would be writing along side such educational-powerhouses, I felt most unworthy. You four are among the most dedicated professionals I’ve ever come across and your impact on your students as well as others’ will not go unremembered.

Alright, I think I’ve done enough gushing. The point is ‘Thank You’ and I hope that was clear:) Have a great summer everyone; this has been a blast and I’m going to miss sharing with you all in this way.




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  1. Jenn says:

    I have been reading your blogs. Thank you for writing. They have inspired me. 

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