Back-to-School Administrator Checklist

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August 3rd, 2011

With the new school year about to get under way, many schools and districts are just getting started with their own Edmodo subdomain.  Even if your school or district has had a subdomain for some time, it is important for administrators to make sure that all their information and settings are correct, especially since we have added quite a few new features over the summer. Here is a quick checklist to help make sure your school or district is prepared for the new school year:

1) Update Your Contact Info and Settings- In the Settings page of your Admin Account, review your personal information to make sure it is complete and up to date so that users can contact you to receive school codes or for any other issues they may have.

2) Redirect to Your Subdomain- In order to take full advantage of your subdomain, users will need to log in to your unique subdomain URL. You can automatically forward Edmodo traffic to your subdomain from any IP address in your school or district by requesting a forward in the lower right corner of the Settings page.

3) Add Schools and Invite Teachers- If you recently claimed a district subdomain, or if new schools have been added to your district, be sure your subdomain includes all the schools in your district. Review the schools listed on the left-hand side of the Manage page and add any that may be missing. To invite teachers to join your subdomain, simply select Export School Codes in the upper right corner of the Manage page and distribute the codes from the CSV file to your teachers.

4) Assign Privileges- Once users have joined, you may want to grant some of them administrator privileges. In the user list on the Manage page, use the drop-down menu where each user’s role is defined to make a teacher a school or district admin.

5) Train Users – Now that you have your subdomain in place and have invited all your teachers, ensure all educators have the tools they need to get started. The School and District Rollout Kit contains all of the materials needed to train teachers in best practices for integrating Edmodo into clasrroom curriculum.

If your school or district doesn’t have a subdomain, encourage an administrator or IT director to claim one today to bring all the users in your school or district together in your own Edmodo community. Administrators will also get access to additional management and analytic features. And its free!

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