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August 24th, 2011

Thanks to all of the educators from around the world who submitted applications to share your experiences as you and your class begin using Edmodo for the first time this fall.   We received so many applications that we need a bit more time to go through them all!   Please stay tuned for an update at the end of the week:)


7 responses to “Featured Blogger Update”

  1. Hyle Daley says:

    That’s great! Glad you got so many!

  2. Kathiebroyles says:

    Edmodo down? Was planning to use in class I begin teaching in January at U of Colorado. Trying to upload content…
    When will it be back up?

  3. Lakeb says:

    To all IGHMS staff:  Have a safe an wonderful weekend!  See you all on Tuesday bright and early!

  4. Dmb386 says:

    Just got an edmodo it kinda neat!

  5. Destiny says:

    How is everybody liking edmodo?

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