Student 2.0: Got Food?

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September 16th, 2011

Ahmir weighs in this week — in our second weekly check-in with TEAM Academy Charter School on the ways they are using technology in school.


My name is Ahmir Harris. I’m ten years old. My brithday is on Octuber 23.  In tech class we are learning how to make restaurants on our computers. Today at tech class we went on edomdo to share our restaurant themes brainstorms.  some people had a skateboard restaurant, a transformers restaurant, fashion restaurant, an snookie restaurant, others had an batman theme. But i have an EXTREME SPORTS theme. This is where people can sky dive an do dirt bike stunts AFTER they eat my awesome extreme food!

To make our menus we went on google an we searched up menus. I searched up T.G.I Fridays Because that is my favirite restaurant. When i saw the menus it gave me ideas how i wanna to make my menu. I noticed T.G.I fridays menu made the words so juicy sounding! It made me wanna eat everthing off the menu. when i make my menu i wanna use juicy words for my coustemers so they can order and eat everything at my restaurant.

We started make our menus by going on micosoft word . Next we made text boxes and then we made our menu drinks. i put fruit punch, coke, sprite, and slushies. And we learnt how to use the tab button so we can line  up our prices on our menu.

I can not wait intill next week for we can make real grahics for our menus! We are also going to search up calories for peple, so can know what is healthy to eat!

I know i can not stop thinking about food. ;] HOW ABOUT U????



3 responses to “Student 2.0: Got Food?”

  1. Wsmith says:

    Ahmir, this is the coolest project!  I am a computer lab teacher and would love to do something like this with my students.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bianca Hewes says:

    Ahmir – I would definitely eat at your restaurant! I have two boys (7 and 10) and I know they would LOVE to go to an EXTREME SPORTS restaurant.
    Your blog entry reminds me of our trip to the US a couple of months ago – we never tried TGI Fridays – wish we had!
    Keep up with your writing!
    Bianca 🙂

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