The Big Adventure

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November 2nd, 2011

Our first post from Tundra Explorer Andy McKiel.


Well, hello again fellow Edmodians! It’s been several months since the last time Edmodo gave me the opportunity to use this space to connect with you.  The last time my words were posted here was live from ISTE in Philadelphia at the end of June.  I often think back to the opportunity I had to meet many of the friendly folks behind Edmodo and to spend time getting to know the rest of the inaugural Edmodo ‘Featured Blogger’ team.  It seemed like the most fantastic experience in the world – until this happened…I can quite honestly say that being asked to participate in the upcoming Tundra Connections webinars is the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me.  My head’s been in the clouds for the last couple of weeks with the thought of spending time studying and observing polar bears in their natural habitat.

I cannot wait to travel north to Churchill, Manitoba where I’ll spend several days working alongside Polar Bears International and a team of scientists from around North America.  Although I’ve lived in Manitoba for over 20 years, I’ve never had the opportunity to travel to Churchill before.  This has been a dream of mine for many years, and I’m gradually coming to the realization that my dream’s coming true in the very near future!

One of the most exciting aspects of this adventure for me is that I’m not doing it alone – I’m able to take all of you with me to participate virtually!  Through the Polar Bears International Community in Edmodo, I’ll be sharing many images, videos & stories as they unfold.

Find out what it’s like to follow the fall polar bear migration on the open tundra through the windows of Tundra Buggy One.  I hope that you’ll all feel as though you’re right there beside me through all the many highlights of this journey.

Let the adventure begin 🙂

Image Credit: Valerie Abbott

7 responses to “The Big Adventure”

  1. Daniel Couture says:

    Will be following every step of the way! Can’t wait to read/see more.

  2. Erica says:

    If I lived in that Icy place for over 20 years I would rock back and forth saying ” I will not go crazy I will not go crazy”. But this is coming from a person that hate’s the cold. so I really don’t want to fallow a puller bear even if it’s the fluffiest puller bear in the world. 🙂

  3. Suzanne Riches says:

    I have 95 students coming to the library on Monday to view the webcast. How do they ask questions? Would this area work? The FAQ sheet says that we should submit questions using the email address provided. Since this is coming through Edmodo, should we be using Edmodo? I’ll monitor this over the weekend. Thanks!! Looking forward to the event.

    • luciagia says:

      Suzanne- Polar Bears International is organizing the event. They’ve created a community on Edmodo where you can connect with other teachers joining the webcast, and access free content to use in your classroom. However, for the day of the event, they will only be taking questions via the email they provided in the FAQ.

  4. Katy says:

    My students are very excited for the oportunity. We are in Jujuy Argentina, sorry but I can’t figure out the time as we have differnt time from yourarea. Can any one be so nice to let us know in Argentinian time the webcast time. So we can arrange for the students to be on time and don’t miss this wonderful experience.
    Katy from Argentina

  5. Ashley says:

    It looks like fun. In Manitoba

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