3 Ways to Recognize Veteran’s Day with Students as shared by the Edmodo Community

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November 11th, 2011

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Every day, teachers share thousands of different types of digital content with their students and colleagues. For teachers who are recognizing Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day in class today, consider integrating one of these content items into your lesson.  All of these are among the most shared content in Edmodo this week.

The History of Veteran’s Day:  First, a video from The History Channel detailing the history of Veteran’s Day.  This video has been shared hundreds of times by Edmodo educators. (NOTE: The History Channel website is a great resource for all kinds of video content you can integrate into your social studies and history lessons.)

Vocabulary and Spelling:  For younger students, this Veteran’s Day themed Vocabulary lesson from VocabSpellingCity may serve as a great lead-in to a writing assignment. Teachers are also sharing this vocabulary lesson with a Veterans Day theme.

Writing Prompts and Inspiration: Finally, help students understand the sacrifices our soldiers have made – make history come alive with six stories about military heroes from Gimundo.com

You can find more great content like this in the Edmodo Communities.

3 responses to “3 Ways to Recognize Veteran’s Day with Students as shared by the Edmodo Community”

  1. Piclits would have been an excellent recommendation for teachers and students to use on not only Veterans Day but most holidays. We had a record number of page views and visits on 11/11/11 and received numerous PicLits. A PicLit is a combination of words placed on a photograph to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture.

  2. I love,respect, and look up to the Veterans who serve us today. Who else would we get to fight our wars for us? they risk thier lives to keep this country free,fit and what it is today. We should all respect the Veterans. I know one thungs for sure, I wouldn’t want to fight in a war. Some people wouldn’t either. My cousin and her husband are Veterans. I love them. Goooooo Renee!!!

  3. uma says:

    great! Should have these kind of activities to promote every group.

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