3 Tips for Easy Content Sharing

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December 2nd, 2011

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Over the past couple months, Edmodo has added some features that make it even easier for you to view and share your favorite content.

Play View: Don’t have time to download all of the resources in a folder and just want a quick overview of the content?  Use Play View to quickly scan the folder’s contents to get what you need.











Folder URL: Did you know a URL is automatically generated for each folder you have in your library?  If the folder is shared with a group, you can provide the link to any group member to enable them to view the contents of that folder in Play View, without having to navigate to the group.

Public Folders: When you find something you really love, you can share it publicly so the wider Edmodo community can take advantage of it, even if they are not a member of you group. Simply check the “Public” option for the folder in your library and share the folder URL.










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  1. […] Once all of your resources are uploaded, you can create folders within your library to organize them.  These folders can also be shared with your groups, so that students can access all the resources as well.  Learn more tips for easy content sharing. […]

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