Holiday Checklist Day 2: Organizing Groups and Resources

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December 13th, 2011

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Day two of our 2012 holiday checklist is all about organizing your new groups and resources.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Once you’ve acquainted yourself with Edmodo, you’ll want to get all your groups created.  How you decide to name and organize your groups is up to you.  Many teachers choose to do it by subject area or period. Learn how to create groups in Edmodo.*
  • Edmodo also allows you to create small groups, also known as sub groups. You can use sub groups for things like differentiation, project-based learning or course management.
  • After your groups and small groups are created, you can upload any resources you’ll plan on using in your classroom to your Edmodo library.  This can be links, photos, handouts, syllabi, rubrics, videos etc.  Storing these items in your Edmodo Library makes them easily accessible at anytime.
  • Once all of your resources are uploaded, you can create folders within your library to organize them.  These folders can also be shared with your groups, so that students can access all the resources as well.  Learn more tips for easy content sharing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tips on how to get your students signed up!

*Note: If you’re currently using Edmodo and your classes will change in January, be sure to archive your groups on the last day of the year.  The Archive option is located in your group settings.

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