New Release: Parent Account Updates, Moderated Posts and French

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January 20th, 2012

Today we released a few updates to the site and a special badge for District Administrators associated with an Edmodo subdomain. Here’s a quick review of what’s new:

Parent Account Updates

Based on teacher feedback and analysis of parent accounts, we’ve made a few new updates to parent accounts, including:

  • Improved navigation: We’ve given parent accounts a new look! The new design will now have a dashboard from which parents can easily access their child’s grades and assignments.
  • More accessible: Parent codes are now accessible from student profiles. This means that teachers will no longer need to distribute codes to parents.  Parents can easily obtain the code from their child’s profile and create their own Edmodo account to track their child’s school activities.
  • Streamlined communication:  Based on feedback from teachers and analysis of how parents are currently using parent accounts, we’ve streamlined communication.
    • To ensure security, since codes are now accessible by students, the parent account dashboard allows parents to view grades and assignments; however, direct messages to teachers can no longer be sent from the parent account.
    • Parents can view important announcements and messages from teachers and administrators.

Post Moderation

Group owners can now elect to moderate posts. This new option is available in the group settings panel and if selected, requires the group owner to approve all posts and replies made by group members, before they are published to the group stream.

Note: Post moderation is also available on Android devices and will soon be available for iPhone devices.  Please update to the most current version of the app to utilize this feature.

French Language

We’re pleased to announce that Edmodo is now available in French! Select the French flag located at the footer of the site to switch the language. Merci beaucoup to our own, Jérôme Heuzé, for assisting with the translation.

District Administrator Badge

All school and district administrators associated with an Edmodo subdomain will now receive a badge. If you’re currently an administrator, check your profile for your new badge. If you haven’t claimed an Edmodo subdomain for your school or district, sign up now.

55 responses to “New Release: Parent Account Updates, Moderated Posts and French”

  1. Arlene Davis says:

    I have concerns about parent codes. Since they are not available on the student account for the parents; how am I to know it is really a “parent” who has created the account? I teach middle school and some students at that age can be very “sneaky.” At a parent conference yesterday the mother and I were discussing how much she loved edmodo because she could just sent me a little note. I don’t check the e-mail account that my edmodo mail goes to daily but I do check edmodo. Since I am newly married and my district has not changed my e-mail to reflect my new name edmodo has be the main daily contact I have with my students/parents. Please re-consider.

  2. Simon Haughton says:

    I’m just testing out the new parent account updates and whilst I certainly like the new navigation, I certainly don’t like the updated communication stream – they can’t see any direct messages I send to students (a feature that was previously available to allow parents to monitor conversations), they can no longer see posts from their students’ groups that have been made ‘public’ (a bizarre move) and direct messaging between parents and teachers has been stopped (you say to ensure security but surely as both the teacher and the parent are adults and conversations can be monitored by the school/district admin anyway this surely shouldn’t be an issue).

  3. I agree with Mr. Haughton.

    Messaging between parents and teachers is a very useful feature for me and my collaborators.

    Please, reconsider…


  4. Jennifer Speciale says:

    I think the latest updates are awful. Why on earth would you remove the feature of the parent account being able to see direct messages??

    For us parents who do not wish our children to be on social networking sites of any kind, (but are forced to enroll them on Edmodo because their teachers make it a requirement), removing parental security features is a huge problem.

    Not to mention, the removal of direct messages between parents and teachers removes an easy way for parents to stay in contact with the teachers and stay involved in their child’s progress.

    These “updates” are a huge step backward.

  5. Steve Morgan says:

    Am happy about the option to moderate comments, thanks. However, I do think putting the parent codes on the student profile is a huge step backwards. We have launched edmodo in our school as a platform that is essentially between teachers and students with an emphasis on students NOT needing parents to be looking at what they are doing every day but learning some independence. Students have appreciated this freedom so I am concerned that they will want to communicate less and be less expressive if they know parents are watching..
    We have only issued parent codes when a student has been falling behind organisationallly, ans this has been effective because teachers could direct message the parents. is this no longer possible? Will the parents names appear in the drop down send box as a CC option when messaging a student? I am not clear on this.
    What I am most disappointed about is that your parent code change has been seen as a priority over other much more useful features that many have requested such as Outlook calendar integegration and better sharing features of the libray folders / ability to upload multiple files or whole folders to the library. as for the edmod administrator badge…well OK, but what about the ability to award oher teachers badges, also a common request.

  6. Steve Morgan says:

    Forgot to add that parents should be able to see direct messages to students and of course see the public posts of any group, as well as be ale to direct message the teacher. PLease reconsider!!!

  7. Steve Morgan says:

    And why does it say I posted this at 6 pm when it is actually 8am here in Singapore!!

    • James says:

      I think that is because, the Edmodo server clock is set to whatever US city it is in. I have the same kind of troubles here in Thailand.

  8. RickardBiology says:

    I am just signing up my classes to Edmodo and am disappointed to see the changes mentioned in this blog. I was looking forward the the direct message feature with parents., as well as parents being able to see my posts I created this account because I want better communication with parents. I, too, hope you will reconsider these changes.

  9. Sandy King says:

    Please reconsider the changes that have been made to the parent accounts. I do not like that parent codes are given out on the student profile page. Teachers should have the option of how to best involve parents. I agree with the comments of Mr. Morgan. Please reconsider or at least give teachers the options!

  10. Tom Asbury says:

    It looks like Edmodo has a problem. I agree with every message posted here. The changes that have been recently made need to be withdrawn and reconsidered. If you had taken a poll of the teachers on Edmodo you would have not wasted your time. We are on here everyday. We would have let you know real quick that these were not steps forward. I have already posted that since this new update I can no longer clean up posts on my home page (Latests Posts) and I have just found that the “View Folders” function no longer works. I had always used it for my students who may not have the same versions of software at home (because they can’t afford it).

    Please put Edmodo back and sandbox upgrades before they are put into action. This is a great program but it is NOT Facebook and I don’t think anyone who uses it wants it to be.


    • Tom Asbury says:

      OK apparently the “View” option does still work except it won’t work for some of my PDF files. Everything else still holds true.

  11. Betsy Whalen says:

    Thanks everyone for your candid feedback. It’s clear the new parent accounts have created a strong response and we appreciate that you’ve taken time to communicate your concerns.

    Please know that these changes were not undertaken lightly and came after months of gathering feedback from teachers, administrators and parents, and a lengthy analysis of how parent accounts are actually being used. However, you’ve definitely given us some things to think about and I will be discussing it with our development team this week.

    If you have additional concerns or feedback, please also feel free to reach out to me directly at I would welcome the opportunity to discuss one on one.

    Thanks for your ongoing support.


    Betsy Whalen
    Vice President, Community Engagement

  12. Alysha says:

    The blog says that Edmodo made these changes based on teacher feedback, so I would like to give my own feedback. I have been using Edmodo for all of my parent and student communication. Now that I can no longer rely on Edmodo to receive notes from parents or send notes to parents, I will have to go back to using my e-mail. I know that many parents will not login to Edmodo if they know they will be communicating with me via e-mail. I train other teachers in my district on using Edmodo, and by taking away direct posts to and from parents, it is going to make it a difficult sell to teachers who don’t want to login to multiple accounts each day. I think it is far more beneficial to send and receive direct notes to and from parents, and having parents access their parent code from their child’s account doesn’t make up for this. The parent code is only needed once, whereas parent/teacher communication is needed daily. Many of the changes Edmodo makes are very positive, but I feel like this change has limited my ability to communicate and collaborate with my students’ parents. I also agree with many of the posts above. How will we truly know that a parent account is truly created by a parent, if the codes are available to students. It really wasn’t that big of a deal to download all of my parent codes into a spreadsheet and distribute them at back-to-school night. I hope you will take all of this feedback to make some changes 🙂

  13. Bev Kelly says:

    I am a parent and use Edmodo to communicate with my son’s teacher. I like the new navigation, the tool bar is extremely helpful. I have NO direct messaging with my son’s teachers. Please reconsider the direct messaging option. It is an invaluable tool and one of the best selling points for Edmodo (a one stop shop; check assignments, reply to postings, send a note directly to the teacher, or read a note directly from the teacher. Please reconsider.

  14. Todd Williams says:

    I am a parent, and a teacher who uses Edmodo in my classroom. I am completely frustrated to find out that as a parent I cannot direct message my son’s teacher through Edmodo. I do not want to have to go to different locations to gather information about my son’s classroom status. One of the things that I have LOVED about Edmodo is that it is a “one stop shop.” Parents could come to Edmodo to check grades, etc….and direct message me as a teacher. Why would Edmodo consider this a good move? As a parent, and a teacher, I ask that you continue to progress and reinstate the ability to direct message teachers!!!

  15. Karen Finklestein says:

    I too am very disappointing that direct messaging with parents has been removed. That was one of the highlights of Edmodo for me. I agree that the parent code should NOT be on the student page for all the reasons stated above. Please, please reconsider reinstating direct messaging with parents. Thank You!

  16. I am so disappointed with the changes you have made. I loved the fact that I could touch base with my child’s teachers, check in to see what assignments are due, check grades ect. I feel that communication is the key to a good parent teacher relationship and you have just made that so much more difficult for us parents and teachers as well. Please reconsider this change.

  17. Geert says:

    I really want a real communication with parents. How do they contact the teacher. Please change fast.

  18. Lisa Olding says:

    I agree with many of the above comments. Distributing parent codes was not a big deal for me, but I am only using Edmodo with 35 students. I can see how it could be more work for a teacher with a larger load. The direct messaging between parents and teachers is a must have for me. Does this new update mean that we can’t post to the parent group, or just can’t message individual parents? Either way, I’d like to be able to do both.

  19. Knighton says:

    I don’t know when you guys did this, but I don’t like where you’ve hidden the place to make posts “public.” (I made my exam reviews public, so maybe since December?) My school system uses an website that I DETEST, so I have put a link to the public page of each class on my school district page. This is not to say that I haven’t also sent parent codes and encouraged parent sign-up. It’s just that I know that not everyone has created a parent account and that I am required to update my school district page. Having a public page is my way of updating. Before you guys moved it, I had to click just once. Why the change? I had to search for where you put it.

  20. Maria Canepa says:

    I would also like to urge you to reconsider taking away direct communication between parents and teachers. I am not sure which teachers you collaborated with in order to make this change, but I am very surprised that this was the feedback given. In my district, we are trying to get rid of the Learning Management System that we have and go to Edmodo because of its convenience. However, our district will not approve us switching to this site if it takes away parent/teacher communication. Aside from the district, I contact my parents on a regular basis, as a middle school teacher it is necessary to avoid their ability to “play dumb” so well, and I am personally disappointed in Edmodo. My students have become very involved with Edmodo and I would hate to lose that learning opportunity with them. I respectfully ask you to please allow open communication between parents and teachers.
    Thank you.

  21. Brian Powell says:

    I must pile on here. The decision to remove direct communication from teachers to parents was a very bad move. I just finished presenting to 80 teachers about how powerful and easy teacher/parent communication was and that feature was met with “oos and ahhs”.

    I cannot think of one good reason to limit communication between parents and teachers.

    Please reverse this decision quickly!

  22. Tamara says:

    Soy la madre de un estudiante de 10 años. Cuando al inicio del curso el profesor de mi hija nos explicó la nueva aventura “edmodo” en la que nos íbamos a embarcar, me pareció algo muy muy interesante. Una de las cosas más importantes, a mi parecer, era la comunicación directa que íbamos a tener profesores y padres. Hoy veo con decepción, y no entiendo aún el motivo, que esa comunicación ya no va a ser posible. Compruebo que muchos otros usuarios comparten mi opinión, por eso creo deberían reconsiderar las modificaciones, porque esta herramienta pierde una función muy importante, al menos para nosotros.

  23. Meredith Ventimiglia says:

    Perhaps, you could have had the courtesy to wait until the end of the semester so that teachers did not receive angry emails and phone calls from parents asking why they could no longer communicate with the teacher. If you forewarned users about the change, I certainly missed the communication. I will not continue using edmodo if this is your permanent policy.

  24. Erin Abel says:

    Wow, this new parent function is making us fully reconsider the use of Edmodo at the school!

    Why oh why would you do this? You have effectively pulled the rug out from us teachers communicating with parents!

    Where is the Edmodo team’s response? We need answers, feedback or something! Please change it back to the way it was! This is not Facebook, talk to us about changes like this! You made this for teachers and schools, consult us!

  25. I urge you to reconsider taking away direct communication between parents and teachers
    the removal of direct messages between parents and teachers removes an easy way for parents to stay in contact with the teachers and stay involved in their child’s progress. Please change it back to the way it was! This is not Facebook, talk to us about changes like this! You made this for teachers and schools.

    These “updates” are a huge step backward.

  26. Terrie Kelley says:

    I agree with the others. Removal of the direct communication between parents and teachers is a setback for edmodo. If possible, please put it back. Thank you!

  27. Betsy Whalen says:

    HI all: See my note from 1/22 posted in the comments section (In case you missed it — just wanted to clarify b/c I saw a couple people note that they thought we hadn’t responded) We are very actively working on this issue and will have further updates very soon. Thanks for your patience as we work through a few things.

    -Betsy Whalen
    VP Community Engagement

  28. Cindy Merrill says:

    Thank you for the work you’ve done here. My students and I love working in Edmodo. I teach in a K-6 school, and I am concerned that the parent account doesn’t easily allow parents to observe their student’s participation in our class discussions. Parents, especially parents of younger students, will feel much more comfortable about their students using a social networking tool if they can monitor the conversations in which their children are participating. At the very least, parents should be able to view all posts from the teacher to the class and to their child and all posts by their child to the class and the teacher. I realize I can include the parent group on all of my direct messages…but I use Edmodo for instruction and classroom discussion in 6 different classes each day, and remembering to add the parent group for every single direct message is an additional step to take before I click Send. Could you add an option to turn on or off automatic message copy to parents – perhaps within group settings? Could the direct messaging to/from parents be an option, as well? It would be nice to have the choice and more control over what features are used. Thank you for considering.

  29. I can see why people are upset about the loss of direct communication between parents and teachers. Having parents on Edmodo is a valuable way to keep on top of students who might play both ends against the middle if given the opportunity. Getting a parent code is not that difficult so it seems that a minor convenience for a minority of parents has led to a massive inconvenience to a great deal of parents and teachers. Anything that reduces communication or the possibility of communication is not a step forward.
    I was about to move my online class from a wiki-based system over to Edmodo. These changes have made me reconsider for now.
    Thank you for making a great site that I and my students have really enjoyed using and for taking all our concerns into account. I hope that you reconsider this update.

  30. Steve Morgan says:

    Me again..just hoping and praying for a reversal on the parent codes and direct message changes. it has really taken the shine off a potentially great platform….and in the middle of the academic year, as another poster mentioned.

  31. Erica Badeaux says:

    I have several colleagues who agree…we need the parent direct messaging…if we believe there is a security threat, there are far too many other communication avenues possible to contact the parent and confirm the situation…our school has FINALLY gotten the parents on board using Edmodo and now they are having trouble communicating with us…please change these settings back so we can continue using the features we’ve grown accustomed to.

  32. Joyce Pereira says:

    Please please please reconsider the parent feedback!
    This feature is so important to facilitate parent-teacher communication.

    We appreciate all you do and sincerely hope you reconsider the decision made.

    Joyce Pereira

  33. David Smith says:

    Please give back direct messaging. It’s VERY VERY useful. Or at least give us the option to disable or enable it at will.

  34. tricia says:

    Why did you take away the communication from parent to teacher feature? This able me to e-mail the teacher and let them know what I was doing with my nephew and if he needed some more work in a class, or did not understand what they were talking about in class. This way the teacher could adrss it wither with just him or with the whole class. This feature needs to come back.

  35. A Parent says:

    My concern is that not only that I cannot message my child’s teacher, but also not message my child now either.

  36. Kiesha says:

    I would also like to request that you would please reconsider reinstating the direct communication between parents and teachers. As the Edmodo trainer at our school my email inbox has been full of requests and complaints about this feature being removed all week from parents and teachers alike. Our teachers use this feature to give direct, timely, and specific feedback to parents about both positive and constructive information about their child. Truthfully, this feature being removed may result in the end of our school utilizing Edmodo since the direct communication was such a big selling point. Perhaps you could make it an option to turn on and off for those few who are happy with this change although I haven’t read that many, if any, are. Please seriously reconsider this change.

  37. Tonia Smith says:

    I must agree with the folks who are unhappy with the changes. We are a new district just rolling out Edmodo and we are disappointed in the changes. The contact with the parents was a huge selling point for us. And we do not like the parent codes being on the student page.

    Please reconsider these changes!!!!!

  38. Charles . Rosendahl @ Pearson. Com says:

    Tell Nic the way to fix it is simple. put an option next to the group and or student to enable old or new behavior.

    Sounds like some teachers/admins want this, others do not.

    I would separate the code access from the student profile option from the option to allow parents to interact with the teachers.


  39. Amanda says:

    I think the comunication with teachers parents directly is very important. I don’t like the new release

  40. Teacher says:

    Regarding the comunication between parents and teacher this parent account update is a big step back. Reconsider the changes, please.

  41. Bob Irwin says:

    I went on this blog to see if there were one or two that had the same concern about the changes. I am astounded at the obviously upset community here. I agree, please revisit this ASAP! Huge step back!

  42. Concerned Parent says:

    We are new to Edmodo and I am frustrated that I am not able to directly communicate with my child’s teacher, nor is my child able to send a direct message to the teacher without having to make it a post for everyone in the group to see. It’s hard enough to get the teacher to respond to email. I also do not like the parent codes posted to the student page.

  43. Ayat says:

    Please reconsider putting the parent’s code in the student’s page !!!!! This is not practical at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I gave up this feature of Edmodo all together since you made this change !!!
    Hope you can make it available only to teachers as before sooooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. New Edmodo User says:

    Perhaps a toggle option (like teachers have for students to be able to post or read only) can be created for teachers with parent accounts. Toggle for display code on student page or to not display. Another toggle (or radial buttons) for how parent accounts are used (grade book, communicate with teacher, communicate with student, view student comments, view class comments, etc.) Obviously, Edmodo is being used a variety of ways. Each school is different and has different needs. This would be a great way for schools and teachers to differentiate. If there was a way to make it individualized by student, that would be great.

  45. Kobbevik says:

    Hi, is really the “parent code” on student accounts mandatory? I’m using Edmodo for an adult class, and it seems just funny/odd to have a “parent code” there.

    • luciagia says:

      Currently there is not a way to remove it. I believe it only shows when you are in the “latest posts” stream. When you’re in a group, it shouldn’t display.

  46. Michael Z says:

    I haven’t used Edmondo in months since the changes that took away the ability for a parent to communicate directly with a child’s teacher. In my opinion, Edmodo is USELESS for parents unless they have a way of communicating with the teachers.

  47. Edward Rush says:

    Sorry, but I have to weigh in on the side of those who are dismayed with the changes. One of the larger problems with education in Thailand, where I work, is that parents have very little engagement with their children’s education. I really was looking forward to communicating directly with parents, and have been very frustrated to see that I cannot.

    C’mon Edmodo. Make our lives easier.

  48. K.L. says:

    Currently, my students’ parents have been logging into their students’ accounts to communicate with me. I do not like this at all. One of the main reasons I don’t like this is because when they log in as a student, they have access to all of my OTHER students’ posts. I like the fact that parents can only see their own child’s interactions when the log in to the parent account. When will the direct message feature come back?

  49. Kristi says:

    My son has just started using Edmodo, and while I think the concept is great, I have to say that not being able to communicate directly with the teachers is extremely annoying. I don’t like that I can’t monitor what my son is doing out there. We do not allow him to use any social networking and now he is on one that we can’t even track.

  50. Stephanie Estes says:

    After reading all of the requests to reconsider, why doesn’t Edmodo reinstate the teacher messaging feature for parents? Being able to communicate with teachers must surely be one of the goals Edmodo would want for students as well as parents on their system. Frankly, the way parent accounts are set up today would seem like Edmodo is only allowing parents the bare minimum of information related to their children’s activity on the site.

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