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July 13th, 2012

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We are pleased to announce the start of our Edmodo Support Ambassador Program. Edmodo Support Ambassadors are power users that maintain an active and welcoming presence in Edmodo communities and help others get the most out of Edmodo. We like to think of them as an extension of the speedy Edmodo Support Team!

The Ambassadors will be working with us to identify bugs and spot trending product feedback. They will also have a presence in the communities to help new users and answer some tricky “how to” questions. Our hope is that they will help provide the high level of support Edmodo users have come to expect and enjoy.

Look out for these helpful Edmodians – you can spot them sporting a nifty Ambassador stamp on their profile picture!

Interested in joining the program? Please let us know by emailing and we can put you on a list for next term’s Ambassadors!

11 responses to “Meet the Edmodo Support Ambassadors”

  1. Coach Owens says:

    Hi Super SA’s !
    I am happy my school is going with an open-source course management tool like EDMODO.
    Here is my dilemma. I have used both BLACKBOARD and MOODLE. So, I am somewhat spoiled here!
    EDMODO, does not have a “Forum” feature, a “Chat” feature or does it have two distinct Assignments that would allow for “Offline or Online” assignments.
    So, as the software engineers continue looking for ways to improve EDMODO, will there be any consideration in adding these features?
    Thank you very much for listening!
    Coach Owens

  2. Mr_Withey says:

    I would love to become a support Ambassador next term.

    I asked this question during my Certified Edmodo Trainer webinar last month.

    I’ve noticed a few times that the same type of questions come up in the community posts.

    Although here in the UK we don’t yet have access to the App store. I’m sure I can be of some help to the Edmodo community as a whole.

    My sharing code is quite good despite the fact that due to working a in a very small community special school I use Edmodo for ALL of my lessons.

    I believe I could help those get Google Apps for Edu setup so they can follow what I’ve done for my school and get Google Docs integration working well for them. This is THE best value added part of Edmodo.

    Kind regards
    Simon T Withey
    Edmodo Certified Trainer
    IT Coordinator
    Teacher of Computer Science & Digital Literacy

  3. William Stewart says:

    For the forum feature, this in fact possible in an Edmodo group but it requires a little work to set up.

    1) create a group that you want to use as your forum, or simply add the additional forum topics you need to your existing/other groups-see step 2

    2) the topics are made by using small groups- the trick is to include all members of the group in each one- thus the mini groups act as topic based filters

    3) the third step is to get your fellow coworkers to start posting in the appropriate way using the topics in order to organize your discussions and resources.

    I have an entire guide on this that was the subject of a PD given to an international school community as it was intended mainly for us domain users but it works for anyone. If you find me on Edmodo, I’d be more than happy to send you a copy. My ID is

  4. Steph says:

    I love EDmodo and we are just getting started with it, do I am fumbling around 😉 and enjoying every minute of it. As a middle school
    art teacher many of the videos/documents I save in my library are relevant to future classes. When each class ends and gets archived does that mean that I need to repost these things as I get new classes?
    Is there a way to maintain these and pass them on to new classes?

  5. Martha says:

    I’d like to become a support Ambassador, too, and I may possibly help with Spanish speakers’ doubts and questions. Many teachers don’t speak English and sometimes they get lost. If you think I may help, I’ll be in.

  6. Tina utting says:

    Hi, we are a school which is currently rolling Edmodo use out throughout the departments in the school. I would be interested in becoming an Edmodo ambassador

  7. Julianne Lynch says:


    Is there an online forum or Edmodo group for technical questions about how to use Edmodo?


  8. Hi,
    Does anyone know where I can access tech support or where can I find online forums for developers for Edmodo apps ?

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