Election 2012: 3 Ways to Engage Students through Edmodo

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September 24th, 2012

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Edmodo is a great platform to engage your students in this year’s electoral process. Take advantage of the following features to help you integrate election-related activities:

1. Polls
Use the Edmodo polling feature to gauge your students on select topics. Sample polling questions include:

  • Which issue do you think is the most important for this year’s election? (choices: Jobs, National debt, Taxes, Health care, Education, Immigration, Foreign Policy, Social Security/Medicare, Gun Control,  Government reform, Energy & Environment, Local & National Security, Equality) – Reply in the comments with why you think that issue is most important.
  • What do you think is the most important characteristic in a President? (choices: honesty, leadership, competent in governing, integrity, listens to the people, charisma) – Reply in the comments explaining why you chose that characteristic.

For more ideas, join our Election Insights Community.

2. Small Groups
Using the small groups feature, host an in-class or cross-classroom debate.

  • To start, choose a particular issue for students to debate. CNN has a great list of key issues and each presidential candidate’s stance.
  • Create a new group called “Debate”, then create two small groups within that group and divide students accordingly. Assign each small group a specific stance on the chosen issue.
  • Have students research the issue. Within their small group, student can discuss and post their finding, without the opposing group being able to view.
  • Within the main debate group, post discussion prompts that the students can respond to and debate.

Learn how to create Small Groups

3. Edmodo Apps
The Edmodo Apps Store has a selection of election-related apps. Try one of the apps that are currently available:

  • GoAnimate Election 2012 – This free app is a starter kit, featuring GoAnimate’s Election 2012 Quick Video Maker. Available for free in the Edmodo Apps Store.
  • Win the White House – Running for the presidency isn’t easy! In Win the White House, players manage their very own presidential campaign. Available in the Edmodo Apps Store – $3.00 for an unlimited license
  • Voters Ed – An interactive teaching tool about the Electoral College, Voters Ed allows users to predict our next president and more. Available in the Edmodo Apps Store – $9.99 per group
  • TEQ Election Map – Turn your classroom into Election Center 2012! This interactive U.S. map can display customized Electoral College results. Available in the Edmodo Apps Store – $3 per group
  • Study Sync VOTES Blasts – Participate in an election-based discussion on relevant campaign topics and encourage regular, short answer writing with VOTES Blasts. Available for free in the Edmodo Apps Store.

Do you have any election-related activities to share? Post to our Election Insights Community!


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  1. Vote like your life,future,and family depends on it.

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