Share Your Digital Citizenship Story, Get a Free Poster!

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October 22nd, 2012

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UPDATE: This promotion ended on 12/4/12. Posters are no longer available.

Last month, in partnership with Common Sense Media, we announced a new resource for educators, the “Digital Citizenship Starter Kit.” The kit included a series of activities and lessons designed to introduce digital citizenship concepts right in Edmodo and are based on Common Sense Media’s free K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum. We made the kit available in the Digital Citizenship Community where it’s been downloaded by more than 12,000 educators.

This month we’re giving out a free digital citizenship poster for your classroom!

Complete this form, and we’ll mail you a 24 x 36″ printed copy of the “We the Digital Citizens Pledge” poster for your classroom. The poster can be used as part of the Digital Citizenship Pledge lesson available in the Starter Kit.  The lesson is designed to help students establish expectations and norms for online behavior.

*Please note that limited quantities of the poster are available and we can only ship to U.S. schools.

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10 responses to “Share Your Digital Citizenship Story, Get a Free Poster!”

  1. sydney says:

    oh thats cool!!!

  2. Selena Ward says:

    I find this topic SO important for my middle school students. We cover these topics every week so students “get it.” My one class even decorated our classroom door to promote that others should stand up to cyberbullying.

  3. Brian Herring says:

    Can we still get in on this? Never saw anything about it until now. Thanks

  4. Sara Ratliff says:

    My students have been watching videos about being responsible on the Internet. Then they are discussing their thoughts about cyber bullying, censorship, privacy,etc. in their Edmodo group. They will soon make PSAs in iMovie about safeguarding yourself online.

  5. Holly Wilson says:

    We had a great digital citizenshop class. We did our final test on edmodo and then opened the site for comments, Slowly the kids are starting to engage in online academic conversation. It’s amazing!

  6. Irma Matos says:

    Excellent resourse to train students in the use of these tool for educational purposes

  7. Andrea Baker says:

    Fabulous poster and the getting started activity can be tailored for elementary or secondary students.

  8. Angie Goetz says:

    Do you have these in different languages? We want to post them in our world languages classes. (Spanish, French, German, Latin, Chinese, ASL)

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