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November 8th, 2012

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Today we’re rolling out the Edmodo Media Toolkit to help you share your story with the press.

We love to see positive news about education, and know that you have great stories to share about how you are using Edmodo to transform your classroom, school or district.

The toolkit contains templates that will enable you to easily send press releases and case studies to local media, and provides sample news stories and case studies to serve as models for your outreach.

Press Release Template

Whether you are rolling out Edmodo as part of a district-wide initiative, or are winning awards for educational excellence, this template will help you announce your news.



Edmodo Districts in the News:

Case Study Template

Provide context and background on all the great things you are doing for press, grant funding and speaking submissions.



Sample Case Studies

Share Your Story

Once you have written you press release and case study, share it with us. We may feature it on our website!

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