Edmodo Educators Come Together in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

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November 10th, 2012

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Hurricane Sandy has had a devastating effect on many communities on the East Coast. Over the past week we’ve heard from teachers looking for ways to connect their students with other classrooms to share their experiences. We’ve also seen teachers in Edmodo Communities looking for  new resources in the absence of text books, or sharing relevant resources (assignments and infographics), as well as teachers looking to offer aid. It’s great to see educators coming together and helping each other.

Earlier this week,  we received the following letter from a teacher in New Jersey whose community had been struck by Hurricane Sandy. We wanted to share this note with all of you:

Via Kristen Siegler:

“Edmodo has been a powerful tool that I’ve used to maintain in contact with my students since the hurricane. We’ve been out of school for over a week now, and won’t expect to return until next Tuesday. Most of my students, including myself, still do not have electricity and have been evacuated from our homes. Some of my students are in a shelter in Newark. Our school has not been open, and doesn’t have power yet. It has also been unsafe for many of our students to walk outside in the neighborhoods due to the flooding, trees down, and power line cables exposed.

That has not stopped our learning though. Many of my students have Edmodo downloaded onto their phone or a parent’s phone, or have a tablet/laptop at home, or via a neighbor. I have a few students who have been making the trek to the library to have access to a computer to log on.

Edmodo has been one way that we’ve been checking in with each other. Last week during our week “off” due to the hurricane damage, many of my students reached out to me asking if we could reschedule our tech class and hold it via Edmodo, which I did!

What I value about edmodo is that kids are able to access it within a safe and easy to use framework via website or app, parents value the safety and security of the website compared to FB and Twitter, and I can continue teaching through it, even during the aftermath of a major hurricane. I wish that the majority of all my students at home had electricity yet alone online access to log onto Edmodo, however, given the restraints, it is amazing to see how this tool is being used to connect students with teachers in time of need, and to provide a means to continue instruction when schools are not physically open.

I hope this email inspires you, and others from the incredible Edmodo team, to continuing working as hard as they do. You all are making an impact, especially during a time where it is critical to be connected to others.”

Thank you Kristen for taking the time to share this message with us. It’s an inspiration to hear how you’ve continued student learning in these unfavorable conditions. 

4 responses to “Edmodo Educators Come Together in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Cecilia Jabakumar says:

    You passed a real test with your students owning their learning, while you made it happen. More successes in learning and doing to you all!

  2. Eileen DeCarmine says:

    Kristen, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your community during this awful time. I live on Long Island and lost a week and a half of school and power to my own home, but thanks to Edmodo, I was able to keep in touch with many of my students. I quickly uploaded some assignments before I lost power during the storm, but I was able to stay connected using my iphone. Every time I heard the message alert from Edmodo, I had such relief to know I could still connect with my students and know they were safe. I had over 60 assignment notifications from Edmodo during the aftermath of Sandy. Amazing! I am in the process of creating a professional development workshop about Edmodo for my colleagues, and I know my experiences these past two weeks will certainly be a selling point! Much strength and encouragement to the northeast communities as they rebuild their homes and their lives.

  3. Ben J. says:

    I love it when you can bring people together!

  4. Megan Mongelli says:

    Hi Kristen! I am a technology teacher in Fort Mill, South Carolina and this year we are implementing Project Based Learning with our students. My fourth grade classes are beginning a project on Hurricane Sandy and then will be advocating some relief efforts for the victims. I would be greatly honored if we could partner up with your class so that my students may hear some first hand experiences about Hurricane Sandy and what we can do to help. I look forward to hearing from you!

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