Teacher Spotlight: Tonya Brownfield, Dieck Elementary

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December 4th, 2012

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This post is part of our Edmodo Spotlight series which highlights Edmodo teachers, schools and districts. If you are interested in being featured, please complete this form.

This week’s teacher spotlight features Tonya Brownfield, a grade 4 teacher at Dieck Elementary in Swartz Creek, Michigan.

Challenges Edmodo Helps Me Solve

  • Reaching all of my students at the same time, with the same message.
  • Communicating with parents and students while on vacation.
  • Getting technology material to students without all the transition.
  • Organize learning site in one area.

My Favorite Edmodo Feature

I like that I can link documents, websites, videos, quotes and lessons created with my iPad right onto my Edmodo account. My students can access them from school and home. If they have a question I can’t answer, I’m able to research it later that night and post the info for them to read. Those answers are high-interest reading, because they come from engaged students.

One Example of How I Use Edmodo

I share inspirational posters and quotes in our Edmodo group. During our morning meeting I’ll pull up Edmodo on my smart board and we will discuss its meaning. The students will then go back to the lab and post questions or comments related to the discussion.

I also love awarding the students badges. We have adopted the 7 habits as part of our school culture, so I award badges to my students based on the 7 habits.

Advice For New Edmodo Teachers

  • Use it! Don’t be afraid of all the amazing features.
  • Students learn Edmodo quickly. You can’t mess it up.
  • It’s secure. I love that I manage what students can join my Edmodo groups with a code that I can reset at any time, and students can’t direct link each other, which helps keep everyone on task.

4 responses to “Teacher Spotlight: Tonya Brownfield, Dieck Elementary”

  1. J'aime Holderbaum says:

    Tonya, how wonderful that you are in the Edmodo spotlight. You are an awesome teacher. Your students love using Edmodo. I have had many students telling me about all of the cool things you and your class are doing wit Edmodo!

  2. Marie Westman says:

    Tonya, congrats! It is exciting to see how you are using Emodo. You are an inspiration.

  3. Hanan Abdalla says:

    Tonya, that is great. I my self have discovered that Edmodo is a real tool connecting teachers, students and parents with each other. I am enjoying every bit of the experience

  4. Sara Eastman says:


    You’re doing great things as always!! Great to see you up here!

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