Edmodo Features: New Enhancements to Quizzes

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December 5th, 2012

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Since the launch of Edmodo quizzes we’ve received a lot of great feedback from the Edmodo Community on how to make them better. Over the past year, we’ve made several updates based on this feedback and today we’re excited to share with you more enhancements! Here’s an overview of what’s new, with screen captures to guide you below:

  1. Print option – Print a copy of the quiz you created by selecting the printer icon located below the “Assign Quiz” button. The print option is also available on your quiz overview page.
  2. Track total points – After you weight each question, the total number of points for all questions will be tracked on the right column of the page.
  3. Randomize questions – Check the “show questions in random order” option on the right column to randomize questions for each student taking the quiz.
  4. Re-order questions – As you create your quiz, drag and drop the question numbers from the left column to reorder them.
  5. Lock quiz – From the quiz overview page, check the “lock quiz” box from the settings drop down to prevent students from being able to take the quiz. This can be be used to prevent students from taking the quiz during specific hours or after a certain date.




67 responses to “Edmodo Features: New Enhancements to Quizzes”

  1. Jason says:

    Looks awesome. You must have read my mind, I was just wishing for a print function. Thanks!

  2. Marianne says:

    I would love for my students to be able to take quizzes on iPod touches. Will that capability ever be added?

  3. Sue Block says:

    What about the ability to pause it and resume later, or to take multiple times? Or showing which ones they got incorrect with and/or without the correct answers provided?

    • Ashney says:

      These would be great features to add I completely agree!

    • Erica Speaks says:

      Retakes! Yes!

      I want to keep track of the original & retake scores, and control if/when/how many opportunities I offer, but this would help me tremendously.

    • Jeff Armentrout says:

      I am new to EDMODO. Used the quiz feature for the first time and the timer really screwed up my students. It would be really nice to have the pause feature as suggested or have the ability to disable the timer on a per quiz basis. It would also be nice to edit a quiz without having to cancel it. I wanted to extend the due date and I discovered that in setting up the multiple choice questions, I did not change the default correct answer box to the actual answer so I now have a question showing up wrong when the student answers it correctly. If I am missing a feature to make these changes, please share with me.

    • Alice Shea says:

      Agreed. This is one reason I have gone back to paper quizzes for my larger assessments. Sometimes the kids need more than the time the class allows to complete a quiz. This is especially true for kids with extended time for their tests in their IEPs.

    • Amy says:

      I am new to edmodo this year……has the retake feature been added?

  4. Robert says:

    Great job on the new enhancements. I agree with Sue that an ability to pause a quiz and resume it later would be quite useful.

  5. Patrizia says:

    Thanks for the great job you did! What I wish now is the possibility to multimedia objects such as images , audio and video-clips…

  6. Marc says:

    Yes, the time function is an issue for me. I gave a “revision” quiz for writing and students were making corrections over the course of more than a day so they ran out of time.

  7. Lauren says:

    Great update. The only thing missing is matching quizzes. Need this function to make the move to using Edmodo for quizzes. In the near future?

  8. simon says:

    Some great features indeed but when do you think we will be able to share quizzes and the like?

  9. Simon Hinds says:

    Great improvements! Any plans for a matching activity? Also quizzes can be hard to find once made if one forgets a strict naming regimen. Any plans to have a quiz library – it would be great if quizzes could be stored in library type folders for easy access and editing.

  10. Pasquale Andreacchio says:

    Thanks Edmodo, looks awesome!
    I’m wainting for further enhancements: default comments for wrong response in the multiple choice types

  11. Ashney says:

    YAY!!! I am so excited about the updates!! This is going to make the quiz taking process so easier for my students!! They take an online quiz every week!!

  12. Chelsea says:

    Is there an option to overide a answer marked wrong due to a spelling error or can the total score be adjusted upon a teacher review?

  13. dylann says:

    Is there any way to let the students retake the quiz as many times as they want?

  14. Tara Maynard says:

    The addition of basic mathematical symbols would be great too. I know Latex code works, but that can be time consuming to create.

  15. Josh says:

    Great updates. I agree with the other requests as well! My main comments wondering whether the overall stability of quizzes has been improved as well?

  16. Rob Sanford says:

    I would love to see formatting options within the quizzes and other parts of Edmodo. Oftentimes, it would be helpful to underline, bold, or change font color or size. Is this anything that might be a possibility?

  17. Alice Shea says:

    Wow! Thank you! This is just fantastic. Next on the list… sharing quizzes!!! I would love for all the teachers I am “connected” with to be able to use all of my content including quizzes.

  18. Jeanne says:

    Teachers and students report that they can’t use the Submit quiz button in the new version and wonder how to submit it when completed. Can someone clarify this?

  19. How do I reuse the quiz for next year in a different group? Is the quiz saved somewhere that I can access it again or do I have to rewrite the quiz?

    • When you select the quiz option from your note, rather than select the “create quiz” button you will see the “load quiz” link next to it. Select that and you will see all your previously created quizzes.

  20. Mark Fratella says:

    I would like to see the “lock” feature integrated into assignments as well.

  21. Sarah says:

    Those new features sound really great but I have to say the visibility of UNGRADED answers is extremely hard to read. The old version marked ungraded questions with some type of circle in a different color about them that really stood out to the teachers as a question that still needs graded. The updated version only distinguishes between the two very slightly in color – some are blue and others are turquoise – makes it VERY hard to distinguish which question needs to be clicked on for manual grading by teacher. Please switch this back to the ‘old’ version – was much easier to use.

  22. If we can print the quiz after we create it, can the students do the same? And/or can they copy, paste and send to other students?
    Basically, how secure are the quizzes?

  23. Smith says:

    It would be great if you could insert an image in the quiz directly (not as a separate page through the library). Also when adding multiple choice questions, I use tab to go from one box to the next, it would be nice if hitting tab at the last box would add a new response box rather than having to click on add response every time– this becomes tedious after awhile. Is there a way to add emphasis with bold, underline or italics in posts and quizzes?

  24. PJH says:

    Am new to Edmodo and desperately want to use the quiz with mobile devices such as iPod or iphone or android phone. Am I right in thinking this is not possible?

    Kids would love to do their quiz homework on the bus home!

    Come on Edmodo please – as soon as possible please.

  25. Matt says:

    I’d like to have a quizzes folder where I can easily go in and see all my quizzes.

    I’d like to have the option to do a SAVE AS on a quiz, so i could take the quiz I just gave, make some basic changes to it, and save it as a different quiz so that kids who want to retake it can do so, but not be retaking the exact same quiz.

    Right now, the only way I see to do that is to create a whole new quiz.

  26. Uann says:

    Thanks for the new functions! I hope that we can set time limit for every individual questions. Also, randomizing response options may also be helpful.

    I look forward to next update!

  27. Dave says:

    The matching feature seems to be very buggy. I have had students try to take a 20 questions matching quiz for 50 minutes and have not been able to finish because the program will not accept the answers. They will move the boxes to the correct place and it will not accept the answers. Please help. This is very frustrating.

    • Nina says:

      totally agree with this, only made a couple of quizzes so far but these matching questions are causing problems as they don’t accept the answers when the right hand boxes are dragged and dropped onto the left hand boxes.. can something be done to fix this? In quizzes where I have given a very tight time limit this is ruining the results for the students as they can’t submit their answers to these questions.

  28. Sam says:

    Is there a way to correct an answer to a multiple choice quiz AFTER it has been assigned and submitted by students? I realized that i had made a mistake in my solutions… I don’t want to correct each student individually.

  29. Angela says:

    I agree. I would love a way to regrade quizzes. I also accidentally marked the wrong answer and don’t want to have to go back to check every quiz.

  30. Peter says:

    It would be great if we could download the student answers for each question in a quiz. Also when downloading the grade book that the result for each quiz was not in the format of marks (total marks available) as it makes it harder to manipulate in excel.

  31. Christian says:

    I definitely would also like to see a way to pause a quiz for students who have accommodations that allow for extra time.
    Also, it would be nice to have the Partial credit as a third but so that we aren’t marking answers that aren’t really correct as correct.

  32. Elijah LeClair says:

    One big thing for my class is the ability to take the quizzes on a phone or iPod device instead of only computer or iPad.

  33. Peter says:

    It would would be great to ge able to download the scores in excel format (or csv) without the bracket of the total score. Also the ability to download the results of a quiz on a per question basis into a csv format.

  34. Cam says:

    I also wish we could download test results and the class results. I use this as a formative assessment so a way to download the results for the class and by individual would be helpful.
    I also wish for a way to pause quizzes and have kids come back to finish them without leaving computers open.

  35. Tee says:

    I have a question. How do you retrieve an assigned quiz that a student has taken and submitted, but that you did not save to the gradebook. I don’t see a way to do this. Help!!!

  36. Brenda Hitchins says:

    Is there anyway to go back into a posted quiz and make corrections without having to repost the quiz again? I have tried but it won’t let me save it as the original quiz.

  37. Rick says:

    I would love it if i could insert a photo right into my quizzes… not a link to a photo.. but an actual photo from a url or upload… that would be GREAT!!!

  38. Simon Hinds says:

    Hi there,

    Any updates on:

    Ability to share quizzes and folders with other teachers?

    Having quizzes visible in a larger screen? It can be a pain trying to remember/search for previously made quizzes.


  39. Chris Johnson says:

    A lot of the updates look great!

    I do have one question, is there a way that we can make an assignment just like the quiz, but not used as a quiz. I would also like the option of allowing the students to take the quiz multiple times until they score 100%.

    Here is question #2, by locking the quiz, does it also have a release time and a lock time? This way I don’t have to do it manually, but it will automatically release and lock the quiz when I set it up.


  40. I just clicked on the scores in the progess section and found I can fix the problem without your help, this time;p

    Awarding full or partial credit for missed answers would be a nice feature too, for example in the case of spelling mistakes of correct answers. As it is, I have to leave a note and record it myself on a spreadsheet, doom and gloom for this lazy teacherl;) But it really is more of a bummer for students whose progress is not accurately reflected on edmodo for them.

    Thanks edmodo developers.

  41. Is there anyway to turn off spell check or such when creating Fill in the Blank questions to allow for poorly spelled correct answers?

  42. Kim T says:

    Quick Question,

    I have a quiz, I allow students to see results, does this mean when they get an answer wrong, does it show them the correct answer at that time after they submitted the quiz?

    I want to allow for retakes, but not if they can see the correct answer to what they answered incorrectly.

    Thanks !!

  43. Erika says:

    Does Edmodo have a function so that students cannot leave the quiz window while testing is taking place?

  44. Effie says:

    If I edit a quiz for reuse and change answer choices, will previous grades change

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