Edmodo 2012 Year in Review

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December 20th, 2012

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It’s been an incredible year for Edmodo and as the year comes to an end, we want to take a moment to reflect on exciting events that happened in 2012, and extend our gratitude to the community for support along the way.

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite 2012 highlights:

  1. Conferences Powered by Edmodo – For the past two years we’ve been proud to power the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC). This year, we were excited to see additional event organizers power their conference by Edmodo including, VSTENCTiesCETPATIECoSOTF ConferenceSC Edtech, FAME and Florida Virtual School Symposium!
  2. Edmodo Store – At SXSWedu, Edmodo CEO Nic Borg announced that we would open up the platform to enable educational publishers to develop apps that integrate with Edmodo. Since then we launched the Edmodo Store with hundreds of new free and paid apps easily accessible within Edmodo.
  3. One million teachers strong. During the summer we launched a campaign to get one million teachers on Edmodo. With your help in spreading the word, we reached and passed this goal!
  4. Edmodo Certification – Over the summer we offered a PD program that provided educators with the tools and resources needed to hold inservices on Edmodo. 1600 educators completed to program, training 53,000 educators!
  5. EdmodoCon 2012 – 12,000 attendees from 117 countries participated in the 2nd annual EdmodoCon, a full day of professional development lead by Edmodo educators. It was truly amazing to see that many educators come together to learn from each other. Make sure to watch the videos.
  6. Support Ambassador program. Last August we launched our support ambassador program. Since August, the team has replied to over 3000 posts in the communities and have had a presence in all 12 Subject Area Communities. We’d like to send out a special thanks to our ambassador team for all their support this year.
  7. Digital Citizenship in the classroom – In partnership with Common Sense Media, we created the Digital Citizenship Starter Kit, a series of activities you can complete in Edmodo to help start the conversation with students about Internet safety, cyberbullying, information literacy, and more. If you’d like to learn more, sign up for our free webinar next month.
  8. Presidential Elections – For this year’s Presidential Election, we created a new Elections community where thousands of teachers came together to share resource to help students understand the election process. Along with the community, we launched Edmodo Votes, as a way to give students the opportunity to participate in the election.
  9. The latest version of Edmodo. We introduced a significant update to Edmodo , offering new features to help you connect with resources and get insight into how students feel about assignments, classroom discussions and shared content.
  10. We hit 15 million users! We grew by more than 10 million new users. Check out our cool infographic highlighting Edmodo usage around the world.

What a year it’s been! We’re looking forward to 2013, and continuing to work towards our mission of connecting all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.

Happy holidays from the Edmodo Team!

117 responses to “Edmodo 2012 Year in Review”

  1. tara says:

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for all you do and provide. My students and I love Edmodo and I have gotten so many teaching ideas from the groups. Thank you!!

  2. Darshell Silva says:

    Congrats! Love edmodo. Use it everyday in some way. Keep up the excellent work!!

  3. Diego McKenna says:

    Good job on the… 15 million users… thing!!!

  4. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.

    Thank You for having me aboard to share my opinions.

  5. Congrats!!!! Love Edmodo. Merry Christmas!!! thank you!!

  6. Jaidak J. says:

    Thanks a lot for great support! Happy Xmas and New Year! Kazakhstan loves Edmodo.

  7. Caroline Morris says:

    I am so thankful for the opportunities edmodo provides for the classroom. Edmodo has made it so much fun to learn on a 21st century level, and help teachers & students become more “universal.” Educational social networking is equally beneficial for both our learners & educators. THANK YOU!!!!

  8. Edmodo has allowed me to present information to meet the needs of students who are tech students. Edmodo has helped me make content relevant which led to students becoming engaged in their learning – finally. I will say it is forever evolving and growing. But so worth the ups and downs. We are getting there. Thank you!!!!!

  9. Nira Dale says:

    Love Edmodo! Best LMS for students; Best PLN for teachers!

  10. Culleen June says:

    Edmodo is such a good website to use in high school every classmate I know uses the intern ate daily and just talking 30 min to do this is great! Thanks for this!

  11. Chip Heyboer says:

    Edmodo is such an invaluable tool to 21st Century learning. All the features that Edmodo provides truly enhances my teaching practice and maximizes learning opportunities for my students.

  12. Norma Jennings says:

    Thank you Edmodo employees and users around the world. I along with many of the teachers and students in our school district are using Edmodo to increase learning and higher level thinking skills. This is an awesome tool to motivate students. I look forward to the new year and our continued association with Edmodo!

  13. That’s a great achievment. Bravo Edmodo!

  14. Mark Gleeson says:

    and 11. The Edmodo iPad app gets file sharing, making it nearly fully functional on the iPad.

  15. Felipe Aguilera says:

    congratulations…you made our ob..more than wonderful…..thanks for your help…..mery christmas…!!!

  16. Elena Buric says:

    Great job, Edmodo! Thank you for everything! My students and I love Edmodo! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

  17. Ina Koen says:

    Thank you Edmodo for a wonderful opportunity to share files etc with my students!! A very blessed Christmas to you and all of the very best for 2013 and the years that follow. May your numbers dubble!

  18. Steve Flynn says:

    Edmodo is, without question, an awesome academic vehicle for education. Its user-friendly navigation, library function, and 24-7 availability for students and teachers alike place it in a class all its own! Edmodo’s commitment to ensuring an excellent experience among those in the educational community who utilize it is worthy of high praise and thanks! Best wishes for a great new year ahead and repeated success.
    Steve Flynn

  19. Congratulation for your achievement. Thanks a lot for providing useful resources for us.

  20. ángeles says:


  21. Annalisa says:

    Grazie a Edmodo e a tutto l’aiuto che mi ha dato per la classe prima di quest’anno. Auguri di buone feste a tutti.

    Thanks to Edmodo and all the help you gave me for the class before this year. Season’s greetings to all.

  22. Konstantinos Papalexiou says:

    We would like to thank the administrators of Edmodo for giving us the opportunity of opening new horizons to our students.
    We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy and fruitful New Year!


  23. Naila Masud says:

    Happy Greetings for all your great efforts.You are making it remarkable especially for teachers around the world.
    Bless you,
    Naila Masud

  24. kristi folia says:

    Thank you Edmodo Team for giving me the opportunity of making my class digital and PRACTICAL!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

  25. krisyanti says:

    Thank you for Edmodo..the great education website for my students and me. Activity learning its fun ,wonderful…interestingly. Happy holiday and Merry Christmas.
    Best warms

  26. Congrats guys! Edmodo blends the good stuff of facebook and Moodle learning sys, Gamify it. Its the Best LMS cross platform system app I’ve used for my higher education teaching. #edchat #gamification.
    Best Wishes and Happy New Year

  27. Lisa Redpath says:

    Edmodo has made my pupils so enthusiastic to check and see assignments, messages etc from me like never before! It is true that kids react so much more to technology rather than a bit of paper handed to them or oral instructions only! Thank you Thank you Thank you Edmodo for all your work and also for inspiring my pupils. I am leading a workshop with staff at my school in January to try and get the whole school logged on! Here is to 2013 where Edmodo starts to appear even more alongside Facebook etc as the social networks to use!

  28. JOSE says:


  29. Lupita says:

    Excelente, muy útil.

  30. Ismail Asha says:

    I have always looked of a site that helps me work with my students online. thanks to English dep. of Sharjah University in the UAE. this became true. many thanks to the Edmodo team for thier great efforts.please , keep the good things rolling our way.

  31. Sierra Collie says:

    Good luck for next year guys!!!!

  32. Cristina Gariglio Starkc says:

    Merry Christmas and very happy new Year!

  33. Martin Adofo says:

    Congratulations for your achievements. We really appreciate all the resources you provide us. My students really love using edmodo. Thank you!

  34. Flavio says:

    Gracias a Edmodo me ahorro mucho tiempo de trabajo porque me facilita la tarea dentro y fuera del aula.
    Felicidades para todos !!

  35. Happy holidays my friends. Edmodo is the gratest toll I have ever had through the 30 years I have been teaching. Students feel free to write, collaborate, share oppinions and homework and above all safe in internet. Thank you once more.

  36. Adam Nichols says:

    Seasons Greetings and thank you for creating and maintaining such a valuable teaching tool. I hope that 2013 is an even better year for all the wonderful and supportive people at Edmodo. Cheers

  37. Willian says:

    EDMODO y para toda la comunidad, felices fiestas y muchas bendiciones para el 2013.

    Willian Chavez

  38. Indrawattie Lakhram says:

    These steps surely signifies progress. This is the way to go. Congrats.
    Have a great xmas and vacation

  39. Gwen Buck says:

    Thank you for all you have done to make the lives of teachers so much easier. You have allowed us to use technology in a positive way to reach our students and enhance their learning. Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  40. Ivan says:

    Gracias esta plataforma es muy util

  41. Emily says:

    Joyeux Noêl et Happy Hannukah!
    Pour le monde entier qui aura des vacances ces jours-ci, soignez-vous, et celebrez votre famille, soit de naissance ou de choix.

  42. RENE says:


  43. Betty Shaw says:

    Congradulations on your success. I’ve had a lot of fun learning to use Edmodo. Seasons Greetings to all of you at Edmodo.

  44. María Rosa Aliandre says:

    Felicitaciones!!!! Gracias por permitir el uso de esta red social educativa en forma gratuita para el trabajo con los alumnos.
    Feliz Navidad para todos y un año 2013 con grandes avances!!!

  45. Aaron Maurer says:

    Great list! I hope to get more involved in 2013 by getting involved with the conferences and PD development. I am excited about bringing my knowledge level up a notch and using this tool more and more. Thanks

  46. Terianne Amedee says:

    15 million!!!! Who knew when we started using Edmodo there was such a big picture. I am proud to be a teacher belonging to such a wonderful community of 15 million and growing!!!

  47. Oscar Melgar says:

    Felicidades Edmodo, nos ayudastes a pasar momentos muy bellos. Felices fiestas a todos y a todas

  48. ALICIA VERA says:

    Gracias por el apoyo al trabajo docente…

  49. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Edmodo keeps getting better and better! I’m so thankful for the dedicated engineers, educators, and teachers who comprise the Edmodo Community. Teaching and learning has been taken to a new level. The updates and mobile apps have been truly awesome.

  50. Grace Finn says:

    Edmodo has achieved so much! It is inspiring children to find a voice and leading them out of the shallow engagement that FB, tweets and texting have developed.
    Thanks Edmodo for making Common Core apps available!

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