Teacher Spotlight: William Pulgarin, Bright Star Secondary Academy

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January 26th, 2013

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William Pulgarin is a High School Social Studies teacher at Bright Star Secondary Academy in Los Angeles, California.

Two-Way Communication with Edmodo

During my early years of teaching, I used to keep a website for my students. I used the website to post information with my students and to share information with parents. Although it was helpful, I wanted a way to break away from the one-way form of communication the website offered – that is, I wanted to interact with my students. Edmodo made that possible.

Now everything I post or share with the class can be discussed and further clarified. What’s more, even my students can share information with other members of the class in a safe forum. Edmodo has helped me better communicate with my students and parents.

My favorite Edmodo feature: Quizzes

I love the quiz feature for many reasons. Not only because I can save paper,  but also:

  • My students can receive their scores and feedback in real time.
  • I love the fact that I can add visuals and links to questions
  • I can easily add multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions to a quiz.
  • Lastly, I enjoy the question-by-question analysis of how my students performed on the quizzes.

Information Sharing via RSS

I really wanted my students to have access to updates from various rss feeds related to what we were learning in class. however, I didn’t want them to have to go to ten different websites a day to keep up with the information from those websites. Edmodo made sharing various rss feeds possible. For example, I registered my AP class to a “question of the day” feed, as well as a feed to essential AP vocabulary. Now, my students interact with each other about the information being shared and filtered specifically for the topics beings discussed.

Advice For New Edmodo Teachers

I started using Edmodo because I wanted a way to improve communication with my students. Edmodo did that and so much more! Edmodo has limitless possibilities, and with time, effort, and dedication any teacher can infuse technology into the standard curriculum!

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    Thank you so much for sharing my story!!

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