Teacher Katherine Drummond Solves the Lost Homework Problem With Edmodo

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January 31st, 2013

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Katherine Drummond is a 3rd grade teacher at Winterville Elementary School.

Using Edmodo to Capture Attention & Create Excitement

Before incorporating Edmodo into my classroom, I had a difficult time capturing student attention. I worked tirelessly creating fun and innovative activities to engage my students, but attention was lost, interest was lost, and paperwork was a nightmare.

Since adding Edmodo to our daily routine, excitement has been at an all time high. My students love using Edmodo to complete their assignments and collaborate with their peers.

Less Paperwork & No Lost Homework

Edmodo makes it easy to stay organized, I am able to locate a day or week’s worth of lesson materials (links, videos, websites, documents, books, etc.) in one class! I know where the material is at all times, and students can access it any time they need a reminder. Students aren’t losing their work anymore, and I always know where I can find it when I’m ready to grade.

Students Taking Ownership of Their Education

My students have commented to me recently how much more they are enjoying school on a daily basis. Edmodo allows them to take more ownership and responsibility in their education. Edmodo has made a positive difference in their academic performances.

Using Edmodo and Google Docs for a Paperless Classroom

My favorite feature on Edmodo is the ability to connect it to my  Google Docs account. Since incorporating Edmodo into my classroom, my students and myself are working to become completely paperless. When I give an assignment to the class, students create their end product in Google Docs and then upload it to the assignment, saving both time and resources.

Communicating to Parents Using Edmodo

I also enjoy the parent account feature. Too often parents feel left out of classroom happenings. By having parents activate their accounts, I can easily communicate weekly skills, daily grades, and any concerns.

Making Writing Fun Again With Pen Pals

My students love to write, and I was really struggling with a new and innovative way to challenge them in this. I finally decided to create a pen pal group where my students can connect to another 3rd grade class in another part of the country.

In this group, students from both classes can write together, get to know one another, and work collaboratively on weekly writing assignments. It brings collaboration to a whole new level!

Edmodo App ScootPad Helps With Common Core Curriculum

I use Edmodo App ScootPad in my classroom as a way for students to practice and review skills based on our Common Core Curriculum. ScootPad generates reports for me based on our standards.  Best of all, ScootPad is free!

Advice to New Edmodo Teachers

The best advice I can give any teacher who wants to incorporate Edmodo into their classroom is to jump in and enjoy. Explore, learn, and get moving!

There are so many amazing features provided by Edmodo that will help not only your students, but you as well! Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, and don’t worry about the students. They’ll pick it up faster than you!

3 responses to “Teacher Katherine Drummond Solves the Lost Homework Problem With Edmodo”

  1. Will says:

    Great story!

  2. Amy Lamberti says:

    We are finding engagement and classroom attention has also increased in our middle school. With Edmodo at our school tool we are able to connect and share beyond our classroom walls.

  3. Lisa says:

    Are you a 1:1 classroom? I want to utilize Edmodo so much more for the reasonsyou shared. Our school has a few good desktops, but most are extremely antiquated. I have about 5 working computers in class.

    I’m creating quizzes, making hard volumes, have the kids take it on paper, then key it into Edmodo. Not paperless, but less grading.

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