Edmodo How-to: Keeping Your Edmodo Groups Secure

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February 7th, 2013

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Edmodo is growing fast, and we’re excited to welcome new educators! Our support team recently noticed a higher volume of teachers asking about how to keep Edmodo Groups secure so we’ve put together some best practices to follow when creating your groups:

1. Lock your groups: Once all of your students have joined your group, remember to lock the group. This will ensure no other members can join. Learn more.

2. Keep group codes private: Never post a group code publicly (i.e. on Twitter or your class website). If the code is posted, you should remove it and reset the code immediately to ensure that non-members do not get access to your group. In lieu of posting a group code, we encourage you to share the “join group URL”, which allows you to approve or deny members. Learn more.

3. Set up a school or district subdomain: Having a subdomain allows all communication within your school or district to be viewed by administrators, providing full disclosure for teachers and students. It also enables better communication between schools in your district. Encourage your district administrator to sign up for a school or district subdomain, or, if you are a district administrator, claim a subdomain today.

For more security best practices, visit our Help Center.

7 responses to “Edmodo How-to: Keeping Your Edmodo Groups Secure”

  1. Ms. Milton says:

    Thanks for this information! Very good!

  2. Mr. Hall says:

    Follow these guidelines. I didn’t at first ( didn’t know to) and was flooded with profane material. Followed these guidelines this time and everything has been fine. Now if I could just tie my twitter in with Edmodo …

  3. Chuck says:

    What happens if a new student needs access and the code is locked?

  4. Ms. Puri says:

    Thanks for your information, its very important for me to improve my classroom, so that, I have to manage my class, In my country ( Indonesia) I am teaching many class, so with this guidlines, I have already to manage my class and my student.

    Thanks for team edmodo, I am looking forward to next information

  5. Mr. Casper Pieters says:

    Is it possible to reset your group code, when you already have members in your group? For example, if you feel the code has been breached and you woud like to create a new code that you can than carefully manage to allow new members. Thanks!

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