3 Flashcard Apps to Prepare for Spring Assessments

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March 20th, 2013

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Spring assessments are just around the corner for many US schools. To prepare your students, we’ve compiled a list of  flashcard apps from the Edmodo Store that provide a fun and effective way to study. Explore the following and share your favorite flashcard apps in the comments below!

Flashcards by Flatter World
A social flashcard application that allows you to create your own flashcards or search for flashcards generated by others in your class or group. Watch your students teach each other by sharing flashcards and helping each other learn various subjects in your classroom.


Flashcards by Course Hero
Course Hero Flashcards are a simple way to learn and retain new material. Customize sets for your students, browse thousands of existing sets, or encourage your students to create, save and share their own sets for a personalized study experience.


ShmashCards! by Root-1
Improve your vocabulary, grammar and test scores with ShmashCards, a fun, easy-to-use, customizable flashcard App. The content of the cards is up to you: use any of the thousands of lists already available on OpenMinds, or, create your own in seconds.


3 responses to “3 Flashcard Apps to Prepare for Spring Assessments”

  1. Nadine Boulos says:

    I am interested in preparing my own Flash card (in French) for my students. I don’t know how it works.

    • Natxo says:

      Hi Nadine,

      When I want to create my own set of flashcards I use Quizlet, fast, simple and allows my students to get to the website and then download them or print them or practice…

  2. I am interested in putting my flash cards in German. Can you help?

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