Edmodo How-to: Locking and Unlocking Your Groups

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March 25th, 2013

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Edmodo enables you to quickly and easily create groups for each of your classes so that you can collaborate and share content in a safe environment. After your create a group, you can invite your students into the group by sharing the six digit group code or the join group URL.

Auto Locking Group Codes
As part of our routine safety procedures, all group codes will now automatically lock 14 days after the group was created or after the code is reset.  This is to ensure your groups are safe and keeps you in full control. Don’t fret though, you can unlock the group code at anytime to add additional students, without affecting students who have already joined.

Lock/Unlock Groups
To manually lock or unlock your group, select the lock icon located to the right of your group code. Note that if your group has been locked and you need to unlock it, the group code will automatically reset.

Best Practices
Follow these safety best practices to keep your groups safe:

  1. Share the group code privately and only with the students in your class
  2. Provide the “Join Group URL.” This allows you to approve or deny each new member.
  3. Remember to lock the group code once you’ve added all your students

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when my group is locked?
When a group is locked, nobody can join the group. However, all existing members in the group will still remain in the group. No need to worry, you can always unlock the group code to add additional students without affecting any students who are already members.

Does locking a group change my Join Group URL?
No. Your Join Group URL (located directly under your group code) will always be the same. You can distribute this Join Group URL to anyone you would like to join the group. When a user clicks the join group URL, you will receive a notification to approve or deny that user’s membership into the group.

I have a Professional Development group, how should I get teachers onboard?
For PD groups, we suggest distributing the Join Group URL or posting this Join Group URL in a public place.

I am organizing a “Powered by Edmodo” conference and have already created groups for all of the sessions, what should I do?
If you are leading a “Powered by Edmodo” conference that is happening soon, please let us know immediately by emailing institutions@edmodo.com. We will ensure the group codes do not lock until after the conference.

To learn about product updates, please visit the “What’s New” section of our help center.

15 responses to “Edmodo How-to: Locking and Unlocking Your Groups”

  1. Shannon says:

    I have sent out letters to invite teachers to join my group with the code. I just unlocked the group and received a new code that will not match the one I sent out on the invite. Is there any way to reset my code to the original code?
    Thank you,
    Shannon DeLora

  2. Matt Augenstein says:

    Hi, Is there any way to turn off the automatic locking?… I’m going to have students throughout the summer joining our group at different times.


  3. Rodolfo says:

    Tengo 3 semanas de pertenecer a un grupo de estudiantes de postgrado en la Universidad Nacional de Panamá, capítulos de Coclé, y siento difícil accesar a esta página por el tiempo y vueltas o recorrido a realizar para aterrizar en el contenido. La página es buena, el contenido, la intención, pero el tiempo también lo es.

  4. Jeffrey Goldstein says:

    This automatic locking of the code is not helpful. I, too, sent out letters with the code, and now my students who have not registered are locked out. It is summer, and I do not have a way to reach them. This was the whole point of my using Edmodo. I recommend in the future there be an override to this.

  5. S Evans says:

    I too have the same issues and agree with Jeffry Goldstein.

  6. Bharathi singh says:

    This locking feature is super annoying. I have fourteen year olds who forget their codes every time. It makes them late with their homework I get excuses galore.

  7. skress says:

    Please consider changing this policy. As a teacher, I have not had concerns about unwanted students entering my classes. I would agree with many others, that I sometimes I need students to join at a later date. I understand that I can “accept” the invitation, but this slows down the workflow process. Please, Please, Please, rethink this and go back to the “old way”. Thanks for your consideration.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I am experiencing the same problem with the code locking after 14 days. Edmodo was my solution to keeping in touch with my Honors students while they hand in their summer work. As you might expect, many students did not sign in by the lock date and now I have no way of sending them the URL. In the future, perhaps you could trust us as professionals to lock our own classes when we are ready. Also, a warning with the time frame for locking would have been good when I was setting this class up in the spring. Things like this make me seriously consider switching over to Google Classroom.

    • Brooks says:

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for the feedback. Note that even after the Group Code locks, your students can still use it to join your Group. The only difference is they won’t be added right away; they’ll be placed in an approval queue, and you can approve their Join Requests. Here’s a link on how to approve their join requests: https://support.edmodo.com/home#entries/22816595-respond-to-group-join-requests-teacher

      If you click the “lock” icon under Group Settings, you can generate a new Group Code that will be unlocked. But if you want to unlock the Group Code and keep the same code, please contact us and let us know what you want the Code to be and we can help you out. Contact us here, and select “Groups” > “Group Code Issues”: https://support.edmodo.com/anonymous_requests/new#teacher

      Note that this security measure is due to the fact that sometimes Group Codes get out via no fault of the teacher, e.g. a student shares it with other kids, bringing unwanted students in to the Group.

  9. Lorrie says:

    I, too, wish you would do away with this automatic locking. The number of times an unwanted student joins my group? Zero The number of times I want to add people later? Almost always. I’ll deal with the unwanted students if and when it becomes an issue for me.

  10. David says:

    I agree with the comments. Automatically locking the groups is the most useless and annoying feature I’ve ever seen. I always want to add people to a group later.

    I set up all the codes before Christmas so that they could be given to students on day one of the new term. Result – the codes locked before anyone could join. I’ve just had nearly 100 complaints from students who couldn’t join the group and couldn’t do their homework. Thanks Edmodo team!

  11. Trisha says:

    I understand that students can still request to join a locked class. However, once the class code has been reset will the old code still have the same effect of adding them to a queue to be approved? Thanks!

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