6 Activities to Celebrate National Poetry Month

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March 28th, 2013

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Next week marks the beginning of National Poetry Month and we’ve searched the Edmodo Communities for fun activities you can try in your classroom to celebrate. Try one of the ideas shared below during the month of April, or leave a comment below telling us about your favorite poetry-related activity.

Poetry Jam – Shared by Mrs. Speck
I have students produce various types of poems – alliteration, simile, metaphor, ode, clerihew, a homework excuse, and a sonnet. Some even try poems for two voices. Then we have a Poetry Jam – complete with hot chocolate, berets for the poets to wear, and finger snapping rather than applause. The kids LOVE IT!

Pop Music VideosMs. Lane
Many of today’s songs, as we know, are poems. Read the lyrics to your class’ favorite song (without telling them what you’re reading). Then play the video and discuss. (Katy Perry example)

30 Poems/30 Days
Create a group for Poetry Month. Each day of the month have students share their favorite poem with the class. You could also honor your favorite poet each day in lieu of a poem.

Slam Poetry – Shared by Mrs. Sifford
We have a professional slam poet come in and perform, do a few workshops with the students, and then they perform at a special ENG II assembly. Videos are posted to Edmodo class pages. 

Spine Poetry – Shared by Mrs. White
Have students create Spine Poetry! Spine Poetry is the art of collecting interesting book titles and arranging them in clusters so the spines could be read like a sentence. The sentences can then be adapted into poetry. Check out some samples at thethingsyoucanread.blogspot.com 

Poetry Cafe – Shared by Mrs. Lee
[From the Scholastic blog] “Set up a Poetry Cafe at school and invited parents and other special guests to come hear students recite their favorite poems aloud.  Since so much of poetry is about the rhythm and the phrasing of the words, the only way their poems can be truly appreciated is to read them aloud.”

4 responses to “6 Activities to Celebrate National Poetry Month”

  1. Mark VanDerwater says:

    Hundreds of poems and poetry lessons from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at The Poem Farm: http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com

  2. Lisa Nocita says:

    WE celebrate all month with a variety of activities, but one special activity is National “Poem in Your Pocket” Day where we encourage students and staff to have a poem handy in their pocket. I roam the halls and cafeteria throughout the day seeking poems. Students read their poem in exchange for a goody or treat.

  3. Endang Werdiningsih says:

    Poem and Silk. Precious. It is positive activity for students to create sense of creative.

  4. Paula Throckmorton says:

    When the weather cooperates, I have my classes meet in our school courtyard for Poetry in the Park. The kids look through books of poetry to find one they would like to perform. After a few days, we reconvene outdoors for performances.

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