Share Your Best April Fools’ Day Pranks [Giveaway]

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April 1st, 2013

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

We know the community has some great stories to share about pranks and jokes happening in your classrooms or schools…..and we want to hear them!

Leave a comment below telling us about your best April Fools Day story. It can be from this year, or years past. Later this week, we’ll pick our favorite stories and send an Edmodo prize pack to the teachers that shared them.

All winners will be notified via the comments section of the blog. Please check back on Friday, April 5th to see if you’ve won.

If you would like to submit a photo with your story, please send it to


37 responses to “Share Your Best April Fools’ Day Pranks [Giveaway]”

  1. Carla Cappella says:

    Place a rubber band around the handle on your kitchen sink’s hose. WHen someone turns on the faucet…it sprays them. Funniest part is it takes a few second for the victim to relaize why they are getting wet and they get even wetter as they try to turn off the water….good clean fun!

  2. Rylan says:

    1. Take a boiled egg.
    2. Dip it in chocolate.
    3. Wrap it in Coloured Tinfoil.
    4. Give it to unsuspecting brother/sister.

    Problem Easter Bunny?

  3. T Gidinski says:

    Switch the M and N keys on the keyboard of a one-finger typer.

  4. Erman Gecer says:

    My students prepared a fake fight in the class. It sound wild, I know but, also looks so scary. They started to argue infront of me, and the tention rised over. Suddenly I shocked and surprised. When I get angry enough , they revealed their joke plan. That was terrible.

  5. Shawn Avery says:

    My students are getting harder and harder to trick because they always expect something from me. First there was the letter from the principal about school becoming year round and doing away with summer vacation. Then there was the caution tape across the door with a sign from health services about our classroom being moved because of rats. After there was the ruined state tests because of flooding and the thought they’d have to do them again. Last year was a fake bird in the rafters of my room with a cell phone in the ceiling with the ringer set to a bird chirping with my teaching colleague texting me from time to time throughout the day.

    So it was tough to come up with something this year knowing students would be looking around as soon as they walked through the door. So, instead, the prank went online. Our class blog was “taken over” by my pet dog Oscar. Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog became Oscar’s Blog with a post about how there needs to be less videos of kids working and more of dogs being funny. Our class news section changed from info about a global project to the fact that he had finally caught his tail. I let the students happen upon it over the course of the day as they were visiting the blog. You can find the post by clicking here. Now I just need to figure out what to follow up with next year.

  6. Ed Bonhaus says:

    One year I took all of my students chairs and put them in an empty classroom. I told them the district instituted a “no sitting policy”. They all started standing behind their desks. One kid who’s desk was by the door realized the class across the hall still had chairs. I quickly explained our class was chosen to test the new policy. I couldn’t believe they bought it.

  7. Rain says:

    The best April fools day prank that I did to my 6th graders was applying a 3 hour exam, with no breaks and with subjects we haven’t even seen. When they got to the last page it read in very tiny print: Congratulations you have 10 extra points in any subject you wish but keep your mouth closed till every one is finished. happy april fools day :). The kids liked it but were kind of mad of taking a long test.

  8. Brian Nicol says:

    My colleague gave half my math class (fake) passes for doc appointments at five minute intervals. She also had the office secretary calling unsuspecting students out of my class throughout the period. I didn’t catch on until my math class of 30 was whittled down to 12. I was focused! And gullible. Still plotting my revenge three years later…

  9. Deb Kalikow-Pluck says:

    I introduced Goggle’s new app: to my class today. Told them technology is evolving so quickly. We watched the video on the app’ site and then clicked on “Try Beta.”
    I really had to hold it together when up popped a box with a picture of an “unattended litter box” and a box to click to smell the picture. It was amazing to see 22 lean forward and smell their computer screens as I did the same with mine. Many said they couldn’t smell anything. I said to turn up their computer’s sound…:>). I suggested we try smelling another one and they did! A paper napkin and I told them mine smelled like a April Fools yet!

  10. Pam says:

    I told the boys that Skylanders were all recalled and needed to returned to the store today for a refund. I also used to create a poster and sent it in an email that I shared with them.

  11. As I was teaching a lesson today I turned on my elmo to project onto the screen for the kids to see a map. I switched over to my computer and instead of my desktop coming up I had pictures of one of my students. They kept sliding through one at a time and I couldn’t get it to stop. Finally I heard a giggle at the door. A fellow teacher and parent of that student was mirroring onto my computer from her ipad showing the pictures. Kids thought it was great, I was just confused (for a while)

  12. Karen Mangold says:

    Using creative photography and frequent updates, I convinced friends, family, and students that we got a pet goat and peacock today. It went as far as a Name the Goat and Peacock Contest. The winner was the smart kid who found one of our pics through a Google search. He aptly named the goat and peacock April and Fools.

  13. Tammy Hollis says:

    A wasp flew around my classroom during periods 1, 2, 3, and 4. Finally, during 4th period (during a 20-minute reading time right before lunch), I was able to take off my ‘high-heeled’ shoes and climb on the air conditioner unit to squash the wasp (it had flown to the top of a window in my classroom and rested there for several minutes). I had desperately tried to kill the wasp during the first three periods, but it kept flying away as I took swats at it with a flexible book. After third period ended, I was determined to get that beastly wasp.

    When my 4th period students came into my classroom, they looked astonished as I took off my shoes and climbed on the A/C unit to kill the dangerous wasp. They kept asking, “Mrs. Hollis, what are you doing?” I told my seventh-grade students that my destiny was to kill the wasp before it hurt ANY of my students! I tried to kill the wasp two or three times, but I barely missed each time. I finally completed the task; the wasp was no longer a threat.

    As I put my shoes on, my students exclaimed, “Mrs. Hollis, I see another wasp!” I said, “You have to be kidding!” A few students told me that they saw another wasp “behind” the projector screen. Some students said they saw one in my artificial tree. Others said they saw one behind the curtain. Since I never saw the second wasp, I finally figured that my students just wanted to see me take off my shoes and climb on top of the A/C unit again. I guess I entertained them as I tried to swat the killer wasp! I admit that it must have been a funny sight to see. I would have probably been amazed to see one of my teachers take off her shoes and climb on an A/C unit to kill a wasp! Finally, my students began to chime in, “April Fool’s!” I forgot that today is April 1.

    When my fifth period students came into the classroom, one of my students said that he saw a wasp. I said, “Hey, that’s a good one. I’m not falling for another April Fool’s joke.” Other students said that he was not kidding. When the wasp quickly swooshed by my head, I realized that they were not trying to fool me. This time, I did not take off my shoes to make the climb. I let an eager student use his notebook to squash the wasp, and wouldn’t you know that he got it on his first try!

  14. Kyle Kline says:

    This year I have missed a few more days than normal due to flu and attending the FETC conference back in January. Whenever I will be gone from school I always tweet to my students that I will be gone. This morning I decided to send them a tweet about not being at school today. Once I got to school I basically hid until after school started and then went to my classroom and yelled, “April Fools!” Needless to say, they were not amused and some were more mad that I was there than not being there. Haha! It was great! So many of my students were upset with me even at the end of the day.

  15. Jennifer Pride says:

    Every year we complete a mystery unit in third grade at my school. We learn about mysteries through many different subjects. Two years ago, we decided to have our own mystery as a culminating activity. A fellow teacher and I “trashed” the third grade hall. We used silly strong, confetti, paper, and other things. We left painted footprints and clues in each classroom. We had real police tape up and classified it as a crime scene. The students thought someone had broken in and done it! We had the newspaper there and even the ABI came to take fingerprints!! All day, it was up to the students to find clues and try to figure out who did this! Finally, some had guesses, but our principal got ahold of some video footage. We played a video of us messing the hallway up the night before! Some students even asked if we were going to jail!! It was a great day and we pranked 180 third graders! Those students still talk about it! I have pictures and video that I will try to remember to send in!!

  16. Aylin Gutierrez says:

    I unscrewed my friend’s shower head and stuffed some red Kool-Aid behind the filter and then it rained blood the next time she took a shower.I also replaced the filling of some Oreo cookies with toothpaste.It was so funny when I saw them get pranked!

  17. kanoe says:

    oh yeah well ive got a couple of them so first off…..
    1st= place super glue on the back of a quarter than place it on the ground
    2nd= do the same thing except grab an old rag and when someone tries to pick it up rip the rag
    prank sister by becoming the gruge
    but the best of all pranks that my uncle did was……
    he is apart of a radio station so he said that mount kiluea ( on hawaii) was erupting

  18. Jenn says:

    Tape a pencil to your hand and rub kechup or fake blood on it. Then fall over and pretend that you have stabbed yourself with the pencil. It is hilarious and it completey freaks parents and teachers out, well until you tell them April Fools!

  19. Shawyan says:

    I took my friend’s new deodorant and took the stick out. Then I took a stick of butter and pressed the empty deodorant bottle into it. I smoothed the edges out and put the cap back onto the deodorant bottle. He still doesn’t know why he always smells of butter.

  20. Risa says:

    My teachers did this to my whole grade this year. They told us that it was the principal’s birthday and that when he came into the lunch room at lunch time we were all going to sing happy birthday to him. Well, we did it and afterwards we figured out that it wasn’t his birthday. We felt a little stupid. Another one was that my whole entire class whispered in math class to make the teacher think that he was loosing his hearing. Whenever he talked normally we told him to stop yelling at us. Finally, my teachers pulled another one on us. They told us that we had a math placement test instead of music and art. We all unhappily went to the gym and when we got there they told us it was an april fools joke. We were very mad.

  21. Brian Jeong says:

    I filled a cup with water, then put it upside down by putting a thin sheet of paper on the top. Then I slipped the paper out slowly. When my brother came to his favorite cup, he lifted it and the water spilled on his shirt

  22. It was 3rd period and i had English. Instead me and my class went another teachers room. We stayed their for 20 minutes until my teacher was called down to the office. It was our chance. We headed back to the room and started taking out our homework. My teacher came back in. He was so mad. He said that he missed a meeting with the principal. The principal was supposed to grade us on our class time. The principal ended up coming down and firing the teacher. At the end it was just an April fools day joke. My teacher was so serious. HA

  23. Khalid Sule says:

    Write a piece of paper saying there will be a fourth report card period and you will finish it on August 31 the funny part is everyone will be upset

  24. Amanda V. says:

    For April Fool’s day, I put some lotion on my hand (or if you’re doing it, something mushy) and asked people to shake my hand or high – five them. (The High – Five was my favorite! It splattered all over them!) Nobody got too mad, but I still had a fun day!

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