Meet The Team: Dave, Bruno, Jose and Mark

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May 15th, 2013

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Edmodo is growing quickly! Not only do we have over 19 million users on the platform, but our team is expanding too. In our new “Meet the Team” column, we’ll introduce you to the newest team members that are helping to make Edmodo the place where learning happens.

Today we’d like to introduce you to some of the Edmodians that work behind the scenes – Dave, Bruno, Jose and Mark.

David Mandelin, Director of Engineering
Dave’s fourth-grade teacher showed him how to write programs to draw pictures, and he’s been programming ever since. He’s done IT apps, web applications, and research on programming tools. Most recently, he was the module owner and manager for SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine inside Firefox. His current role at Edmodo is to help make Edmodo great on mobile devices and support the engineering team.

Bruno Caratori, Product Analytics
Always a technology aficionado, Bruno started his career at a software startup in his homeland Brazil. He moved to Silicon Valley to get an MBA from Stanford University. At Edmodo, Bruno will be part of the Product Analytics team and will generate product insights that continue to improve our users’ experience.

Jose Guardado, Director of Recruiting
Jose has a passion for building teams. He entered the recruiting game in 2005 at a boutique firm in SF. After a brief stint selling ads for Yahoo!, he returned to the fast paced world of tech recruiting, helping to build engineering teams for Google, Cisco and most recently, Nebula. At Edmodo, Jose will lead talent acquisition across all areas, and is excited to help realize the company’s mission of reinventing K-12 education.

Mark Costigan, VP of Finance
Mark grew up outside Milwaukee and moved to the bay area in 2000 to join Commerce One. In late 2002 he moved on to Google and spent the next six years contributing to building the company’s core financial infrastructure. At Edmodo, Mark will be charged with continuing to build out financial infrastructure that will scale with the growth of our great company.

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