2013 End of Year Best Practices

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May 20th, 2013

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As the end of the school year draws near, here are some steps to take as you get ready for summer break:

Archive Your Groups

At the end of the school year we recommend that you archive your groups. Archiving a group saves all of the work and grades for the semester, and the group is automatically set to read-only access. When archiving your group, you may want to rename the group to include the specific school year or term that it was used. This way, you can easily locate the group in the future.

Some teachers prefer to Archive their groups before classes start in the Fall. If you would like to allow students to continue accessing a group over the summer, make sure to set members to read-only access or turn on post moderation.

Export Your Gradebook

Exporting your gradebook allows you to save a hard copy of your class grades for reference after the school year has ended, without having to unarchive your groups. You do not need to clear out your gradebook at the end of the year, a new gradebook will be created for any new groups that you create the next school year. 

Use The Same Account For Next Year

There is no need to create a new Edmodo account each year. As a teacher, you have the ability to join and create multiple groups using the same account. Students can join groups for their classes at the beginning of a new school year and retain a record of their activities in their classes from prior years.

Stay Connected

Join Edmodo Communities, or create new groups to stay in contact and exchange resources with other teachers over the summer. If your students will be graduating at the end of this year, try creating an alumni group to help students keep in touch!

Transferring Schools

If you are transferring to a new school you can easily update your school information on your Account Settings page. If you need any assistance with transferring group ownership to another teacher, please email support@edmodo.com and we’ll be glad to help out.

If you are transferring schools within your same district and belong to an Edmodo subdomain, you will need to obtain the school code to associate with your new school.  Please contact the Edmodo Admin at your school to obtain the correct code.

Edmodo Support

Our Support Team is available 24/7 for any questions you might have. The quickest way to get assistance is to post your questions to the Support Community.

Have any end of the year tips that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!

14 responses to “2013 End of Year Best Practices”

  1. RoseAnn Hernandez says:

    Thanks Lucia for posting these blogs. I am finding the articles valuable. I am adding them to my library, for future reference and/or to share with teachers that are new to Edmodo. Thanks again. RoseAnn

  2. Paul Martin says:

    What’s the best way to allow students to have access to all the resources they had access to in the group that you’d be archiving at the end of the year? We’re hoping to upload class notes from smart boards with all the annotations that were made for that particular class.
    If they start a new group that library folder wouldn’t be there for them.

    • Caroliny Moura says:

      Hi Paul- Those are very good questions.  Once a group is archived, students are still able to view all posts, quizzes, assignments and activity in the group. However, the group will be in a “frozen” mode where members in the group can no longer post since the group is inactive when it is archived. When you have archived a group, students in the group can see the group in the archived button on their homepage, under the active groups.
      For students still be able to see resources placed in a folder that was shared with the group, these are your two options:

      1. Making a folder public and sharing the link in a post with your group before archiving the group. This way your students will be able to have access to all resources in the folder when clicking in the link. To be able to make your folders public you need to:
      a. Click on your Library Icon
      b. Click on the folder you would like to share
      c. Click on the “people” icon toward the top
      d. Check the “Make this folder public” box
      e. Copy the link and post it to the group before you archive the group. Students can then click on this link in the archived group to view the resources in the folder.
      Please note that this will make the folder available publicly to anyone who clicks on the link.

      2. Posting every resource to the group as a post before archiving it. This may be a bit more work to individually post each resource (rather than sharing a folder).

      Let us know if you have any other question :).

  3. Batoul says:

    i was told that students accounts expire during the summer. Is that true? What happens when students move to another school within the district? What about moving to other districts?

    • Caroliny Moura says:

      Hi Batoul. Great questions! I hope I can clear this up for you 🙂 Student accounts do not expire. Students can use their same accounts next year to join new groups, even if they are changing schools or districts. To join a new group, they simply need to click “Join” in the left sidebar and enter the group code. Just have them repeat this for each of the new groups they need to join.

    • Great questions!! The students’ accounts do not expire during the summer. They can continue to keep their account open as long as they’d like. They can also begin using it again in the fall with new group codes from their new teachers. If they move to another district they can still use their accounts.

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  5. iolanda says:

    Thank Edmodo. The site is very interesing, even for students. Great!

  6. Linsey says:

    I archived groups and while students can no longer post a new post on the group it still lets them reply to posts already there. So the statement that archiving the group automatically sets it to read only doesn’t seem accurate. Am I missing something?

  7. Laura says:

    I will teach the same classes the next year and I have a group code for each one. I want to use the links, PPT, and resources I sent my students when that was active. My questions is if I want t use those resources again should I put them in the library first before I archived them or there is another way to do to keep them for future reference? I am new to this and I have more questions:

    I gave to two of my AP Spanish Language classes a summer assigment that I post on their group class for this year. I want them to be able to open that group during summer and print or see the assignment. Should I archived those groups or not?

    • Great thinking on putting them in the library before you archive them. That way you’ll be able to use them for any new groups you create in the future. For your summer assignment, it might be better to not archive the group in case they have questions or you want to start a dialogue. Please contact us with any specific questions at support@edmodo.com. Enjoy your summer!

  8. Kandice says:

    I have some students returning to my class and I use the same materials. How can I archive the information without students being able to access their assignments, post or quizzes. I don’t want the to copy previous assignments.

  9. Deb Kramer says:

    I am getting ready to start the new school year with Edmodo. Last year was the first year I used it. I had three groups that I named: 6th Social Studies 2013-2014, 7th SS 2013-2014, and 8th Social Studies 2013-2014. I would like to delete the students in each of those groups while keeping everything I uploaded in the folders for each group. I will use the same curriculum and videos I uploaded for each group and just want the new students to join while deleting the old students. Can I then rename with the current year? Am I making sense? If I delete a group does it delete information you uploaded to the folders for each group. I don’t care if posts are deleted. Confused?

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