Developing Writing Skills With Edmodo

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May 21st, 2013

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Anthony J. Garcia is a 3rd grade teacher at Dr. Edward L. Whigham Elementary in Cutler Bay, FL.

Two Problems Edmodo Helps Me Solve

  • Student Participation – Edmodo’s easy to use interactive design increases the likability factor of any subject exponentially. This in turn escalates student participation and learning.
  • Lost Homework – I love the ability to post weekly homework sheets, pdf files of supplemental activities and links to additional online resources via Edmodo. There’s been a tremendous reduction in the amount of paper and ink wasted on hard copies that go home, and often get lost. Lost your homework? No problem, it’s on Edmodo!

Keeping Parents Informed

I love being able to share links, but I think the Edmodo planner really helps in getting the word out to parents about school activities and local events. I recently had a mom tell me that she wouldn’t have known about our many community functions if she hadn’t seen them on the planner. The planner provides my students with the opportunity to stay informed of community happenings and explore and gather experiences that will enrich their lives and serve as a foundation for them to draw from for future writing assignments.

Developing Writing Skills With Edmodo

To help students develop their writing skills I’ve created two additional groups for my classes which we call “iBlog” and “What Do You Think?”

  • In iBlog, one student is chosen weekly and they are given the opportunity to blog about their personal interests. Besides having to use complete sentences and demonstrate the correct use of punctuation and spelling, they are required to include pictures and links to websites, articles and/or videos related to their specified interest.
  • In “What Do You Think?”, students are required to respond to high interest articles with their opinions, and provide additional digital resources that piggy back upon previous responses. All posts are reviewed and critiqued on our interactive white board.

Advice for Teachers New to Edmodo

I would suggest that any new teacher interested in giving Edmodo a try should go straight to and watch the introductory video as well any available tutorial videos in the Edmodo Help Center or at YouTube.

Also, seek out fellow Edmodo users at your school for a more hands on approach and join Edmodo Communities to learn about the creative ways in which tech savvy teachers are integrating this amazing educational tool! It’s easy, fun and safe to use for students and teachers alike. 

3 responses to “Developing Writing Skills With Edmodo”

  1. Roseann Hernandez says:

    Thanks Anthony for sharing! I’m also a fellow 3rd grade teacher and I agree Edmodo is great for staying connected with parents and for solving the lost homework mystery!…:) @RoseAnn2teach

  2. Dan Jatovsky says:

    Even though I teach in community colleges, not third grade, the iblog idea is one that I can use with my developmental English students. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Christy Trimble says:

    I am have a 5th grade co-teach class. I am looking for ways to develop/improve students’ writing skills while providing them with a safe environment to blog and communicate with each other. I am a new Edmodo user, but plan to expand my use to include more students next year. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas!

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