A Safe and Easy Way to Collaborate and Learn

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June 27th, 2013

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Darryl Postnikoff is a Technology Coordinator for Holy Family RCSSD #140 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our school division has been looking for a solution to centralize all of our learning in one place. We previously looked at other solutions but have found that Edmodo solves all of our challenges as it engages all of our stakeholders in a safe and secure online program.

Why We Chose Edmodo

  • Convenience: Edmodo has streamlined our instruction time and has given teachers so much flexibility to present their lessons in a timely manner. Teachers were using a variety of applications to curate resources, share websites, and present lessons to their students. With Edmodo, all of their necessary materials are now centralized. With its integration with Google Apps has made it convenient to find resources.
  • Collaboration: in our school division we have also created grade-a-like groups where teachers can share professional and teaching materials.Professional development is no longer isolated to a “sit and spit” session but now have the capability to have learning on their own time at a click of a mouse or on a hand-held device.
  • Cost: with tough budget cuts to education, Edmodo offers their program free to schools.

Safety and Security

There are many features of Edmodo that our school division loves. First of all I have to commend this program on their safety and privacy. Our first priority is the safety of all of our students. Edmodo gives us that security by having the teachers have full control of their classrooms. We like the idea of locking our classrooms once all of the members have entered the room. Teachers love the fact that they are in-control and students feel safe by knowing that only the people in their class can see what is being posted.

As a District Administrator I like the safety feature of knowing who is on our domain and how Edmodo is being used through the analytics feature. I like the fact that I can associate our teachers to their own schools and I feel as though teachers feel much more secure knowing that we have someone in control at the Central Office level.

A Platform for Collaboration

We love the fact that Edmodo involves all of our stakeholders, teachers, students and parents. Edmodo engages all in the learning and teaching process. Teachers are able to post the outcomes that they are working on and how these outcomes are being taught. Students have the ability to log on and are then able to be a part of the learning community. Instead of teachers always being the purveyor of all knowledge, students are able to provide answers and are responsible and accountable for looking after the online classroom. If someone posts a question – other are able to answer. We want our students to be good digital citizens and once again Edmodo provides us with the platform to provide this for our students.

We also like the idea of Parents being a part of the learning process. When parents log on they can see first hand what is happening in the classroom and what outcomes are being taught. Engaging parents in the learning process is vital to the success of our students.

Advice to New Teachers

You have to try it out. Edmodo is simply genius. I have been looking for an application that resembles 21st century learning. Edmodo brings life to the classrooms by engaging students and teachers in the learning process. Edmodo simplifies the digital learning process by combining many outside applications into one convenient and easy to use program. Edmodo has moved our schools into the social media age.

6 responses to “A Safe and Easy Way to Collaborate and Learn”

  1. Emilia says:

    Do u have a blog for kids?

    • Edmodo says:

      We currently don’t have a blog for our students but teachers and students can share posts on the group page wall.

  2. Terry Jordens says:

    Edmodo has offered the space and place for our teachers and students to collaborate and share ideas. It has been a very successful implementation in Holy Family. Thank you Darryl for finding Edmodo and training, maintaining and keeping us all in the loop. It is your hard work that has made Edmodo a success!

  3. Alejandra says:

    Habrá más información en español?

  4. Mr. Lara says:

    Edmodo is free and safe. All in one program, applications and collaboration, teachers and students

  5. Amanda says:

    I have created a group for an online class for collaboration (for my students). In terms of a space for my fellow staff members at my school, do I have to create a group and then they register with the code that comes up (the same way it is done for students)? Is this the only way to create an online collaborative platform for the teachers? Technically this way, I am the teacher and they are the students…which I don’t like of course

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