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July 9th, 2013

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We are excited to highlight a critical part of the Edmodo team, our  50 wonderful Edmodo Support Ambassadors!

The Edmodo Support Ambassadors are a group of teachers from around the world who are all united by their enthusiasm and expertise when it comes to Edmodo.  They help Edmodo Support by answering questions, sharing tips and ideas, and reporting any bugs or trending feedback to the Support Team.

Ambassador Accomplishments

Since January 2013, we have seen our Ambassadors helping an enormous percentage of our users world wide, in a variety of exciting ways. We have at least two Ambassadors monitoring each subject community and as a result, Ambassadors have made almost 6,000 posts in the Edmodo Subject Communities, shared important updates, answered teachers’ questions, as well as shared best practices. You can also find them right alongside the Support Team, answering Support Community posts and ensuring we are there for teachers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Support Ambassadors are incredibly quick thinking and helpful teachers who are able to make Edmodo an even safer, more effective tool for teachers. They become the “collective voice” for teachers to share their feedback and ideas.  When the Edmodo Team has a new idea or needs a second opinion from a teacher, our Ambassadors are the first place we turn.

Ambassador Perks

Support Ambassador volunteers are motivated to take part in the program because of their passion for education technology and helping other teachers harness the power of Edmodo. One perk includes a direct line to the Support Team where they can flag issues and ask questions. In addition, Ambassadors are awarded with a rockin’ badge for their profile, a nifty stamp for their profile picture, and a certificate of service upon term completion. Perhaps the greatest benefit of being an Edmodo Support Ambassador is the network of teachers you work alongside and get to know.

Interested in being a Support Ambassador?

If you are an expert Edmodo user and passionate about helping other teachers use Edmodo in their classrooms, you can learn more about the role by reading over the role description and code of conduct.

Apply for the position by Sunday, August 4th to be part of our third Ambassador cohort, running from September to December 2013.

Note: The application deadline has passed. We are no longer accepting applications for the Fall/Winter cohort.

5 responses to “Become an Edmodo Support Ambassador!”

  1. I am already an unofficial Edmodo ambassador 🙂
    I have shared my love of Edmodo with other educators this year by presenting at two professional development opportunities for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. One of which was a 6-hour, hands-on workshop where I demonstrated the use of Edmodo within the flipped classroom model. Also, one of my blog posts was featured in the Edmodo blog earlier this year…which made me feel like a rock star!
    I would love to help other educators engage their students with Edmodo!

  2. Cary Fields says:

    Hi, I submitted an application for Edmodo Support Ambassador this afternoon. I think I submitted it with an alternative Edmodo email address. Is that a problem?

  3. Laurie Coker says:

    How do I become one???

  4. Heather Sandlin says:

    REALLY hoping to become an Ambassador. How cool!

  5. Shawn Storm says:

    If this opportunity happens again, I would love to be an ambassador. I’ve been using edmodo with my classes since the beginning and it’s been great watching it grow. Great learning tool!

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